5-Star Pyro Bow User Yoimiya Genshin Impact Leaks

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New Genshin Impact leaks reveal a new character coming to the popular free-to-play RPG.

Yoimiya appears to be a teenage Shrine Maiden, and a 5-Start Pyro Bow user.

Yoimiya Genshin Impact Leaks


Several sources on Twitter, though none ultra-reliable, are citing new information found by data miners about a new 5-Star Pyro Bow user named Yoimiya.

There is no character model available, and varying accounts of what the new addition to Genshin Impact will actually look like.

Other than the above information, not much else is known other than that she seems to be coming out in Genshin Impact 1.7, along with Ayaka, a princess of Inazuma that many fans have known about for quite some time now.

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AYAKA: Image source kuyoru
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AYAKA: Image source kuyoru

Ayaka is a planned Cryo Sword user, and apparently has a voice line about Yoimiya.

Cryo Claymore user, Shenhe, looks to be shelved for now, most likely replaced by Eula in Genshin Impact 1.6.

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Other Upcoming Characters

Genshin Impact Lyney and Lynette
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CONFIRMED: Lyney and Lynette are two upcoming characters confirmed by miHoYo

Other characters on the horizon for Genshin Impact include:

  • Kazuha - A 5-Star Anemo Sword user, and ronin from Inazuma currently employed by Beidou. Rumored to release in Genshin Impact 1.6
  • Mimi - A 4-Star Hydro Catalyst user, with not much else known about her
  • Tohma - A Pyro Polearm user that seems to be an attendant of Ayaka's
  • YaoYao - A Dendro Catalyst user, most likely 4-Star. A young child and chef, she is supposedly a bit of a troublemaker.
  • Baizhu - The Dendro owner of the Bubu Pharmacy, and the one responsible for looking after Qiqi
  • Yunjin - A Geo Polearm user that works in the Heyu Tea House in Liyue whose portrait was included with other playable characters leaked by data miners
  • Saya - An Anemo Claymore user, and another child character similar to Qiqi, Klee, and Diona
  • Scaramouche - First seen in The Crisis Deepens and a Fatui Harbinger, this Electro Catalyst has been on player's radars for quite some time
  • Cyno - Another Pyro Polearm user and revealed in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail
  • Lyney and Lynetta - Twins from Fontaine that have officially been announced by miHoYo, with not other information available at this time
  • Iansan - Another character revealed by miHoYo, this time from the Natlan regions of Teyvat
  • Dainsleif - A confirmed playable character by miHoYo, and a character that plays an essential role in Genshin Impact's story. Rumors are he will be one of the last characters released toward the end of Genshin Impact's story.

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