Genshin Impact Miasma Locations: How to get The Break The Benighting achievement

Miasma Locations

Miasma Locations

Genshin Impact players are presently immersed in the exploration of Chenyu Vale and its enigmas. One of these enigmas is the emergence of Miasma, which has afflicted the tranquil landscapes of Chenyu Vale.

It materializes as corrupted regions, each protected by formidable adversaries and contaminated flora. These trials offer players distinctive puzzles to unravel, foes to overcome, and prizes to obtain.

Below is an extensive examination of the Miasma in Chenyu Vale and the methods by which players can triumph over them to seize their bountiful treasures.

Understanding the Miasma

The Miasma, a malicious energy, has materialized in various parts of Chenyu Vale, causing chaos and posing a significant threat to the land. To confront this peril and obtain valuable rewards, players are required to embark on the mission of purifying every contaminated region.

How to Clear the Miasma

  • Defeat the Enemies: Formidable adversaries stand guard in every Miasma-infested region. To rid the land of their malevolent presence, players must confront these foes in battle and emerge victorious.
  • Use Adeptal Energy to Purify: After successfully vanquishing the adversaries, the origin of the Miasma becomes apparent. Employ your adeptal energy to cleanse the tainted tree or branch, thereby reinstating equilibrium to the impacted vicinity.

Locations and Challenges

  • Miasma Location #1: Situated to the west of Mt. Xuanlian, amidst a serene lake, this location can be reached either from the Pavilion on the nearby mountaintop or the Waypoint south of Chizhang Wall.
  • Miasma Location #2: Located to the west of the Statue of Seven in Chizhang Wall, this particular spot can be conveniently accessed by adventurers who dare to jump off the cliff facing the statue and gracefully glide down.
  • Miasma Location #3: Located adjacent to the Waypoint of Southern Mountain, amidst the picturesque landscapes of Yaodie Valley and Chizhang Wall.
Miasma Locations:
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  • Miasma Location #4: Situated in the southeastern region of Mt. Lingmeng, beyond the training grounds of the esteemed Guhua Clan, lies a place known as the Shrouded Vale. This hidden gem can only be accessed once the arduous Hidden Hero quest has been successfully completed.
  • Miasma Location #5: Located in the eastern part of Yaodie Valley, this site can be easily reached from the nearby waypoint. It is guarded by a formidable Mitachurl and a Hydro Samachurl, posing a challenge to any adventurers who dare to venture into this area.
  • Miasma Location #6: To the west of Yaodie Valley lies a region where brave explorers come face to face with formidable creatures such as the Mitachurl, Cryo Samachurl, and Stonehide Lawachurl.
  • Miasma Location #7: Located to the west of Mt. Xuanlian, this area is inhabited by formidable adversaries such as a Mitachurl and Frostarm Lawachurl. Instead of a Precious Chest, a Luxurious Chest can be found at this particular spot.

Rewards and Achievements

Chest Rewards: Every miasma challenge results in the acquisition of a Precious Chest, with the exception of the Mt. Xuanlian area, where a Luxurious Chest is bestowed as a reward.

Genshin Impact Precious Chest
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Genshin Impact Precious Chest

Break the Benighting Achievement: Upon effectively purifying all seven miasma sites, explorers gain access to the concealed accomplishment, Break the Benighting.

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