Genshin Impact Mysterious Conch Daily Chests

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There is a peninsula in Genshin Impact at the northern end of Tatarasuna in Inazuma.

There is a house with a strange man living there with three Common Chests just inside his front door on this peninsula.

Unfortunately, players cannot just walk up and open these chests.

They can, however, exchange some items for them.


Genshin Impact Mysterious Conch Trading

Genshin Impact Mysterious Conch location
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CONCH: Genshin Impact Mysterious Conch location

If a player tries to open one of the Common Chests found inside the house, they will be scolded by Takashi, the owner of said chests.

Takashi tells players they may open a chest if they bring him back three Mysterious Conch.

Thankfully, players can hunt from them on the beach and in the shallows around the peninsula.

They are not found anywhere else in Genshin Impact.

Unfortunately, the location of these Mysterious Conches is not marked on the mini-map.

Players will have to search the ground for sparkles, sometimes pulling up junk, or even worse, enemies, in order to find three Conches.

Each day there are usually around 10 Mysterious Conches found around the peninsula, so players should have no trouble at all stockpiling Conches for future use.

With three Conches in hand, players can open a chest of their choice behind Takashi for some random junk:

  • Cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Wheat
  • Sunsettia
  • Iron Chunks

What is great about this is that players can do this every day.

While it may seem like a hassle to have to find three Mysterious Conches every day to exchange them for random items that can be procured so much easier elsewhere, there is a chance something greater may come of this in the future.

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