Genshin Impact pity system: How to guarantee you get Baal in your next Banner

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Genshin Impact has an built-in pity mechanic when using the game's Wish system. After a certain time, players can get the character they really want.

We are not gonna lie, you still need to roll wishes for a good amount of time, but there is a moment when you have a 100% chance to get Baal or any other character you are betting on.

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Guaranteeing Your Chances

The pity system in Genshin Impact activates two times:

For every 10 wishes

  • When you do a 10x pull, it guarantees you get at least one 4 star weapon or character.
  • The pity system still applies for single pulls. Once you get a 4 star, the pity countdown restarts.

For every 90 wishes

Well, if you are in this article to know how to get your favorite 5 star character, this is the pity system you are interested in.

  • Even the most unlucky person is guaranteed to get a 5 star character before 90x wishes.
  • 90 wishes sounds a lot but remember that is the worst case scenario.
Chart with probabilities to pull a character in Genshin Impact
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DOING THE MATH: The wish with better chances to get your character in Genshin Impact is 76
  • Genshin Impact actually features a "soft pity" system, that starts after 75 wishes.
  • As you can see in the chart, the wishes between 76th to 80th gives you the best chances to get your 5 star character.
  • The recommendation is to start pulling individual wishes once you reach 74th.

Note: after every 5 star character or weapon the pity system reset.

I know what you're thinking, how do I know how many wishes I have made? No problem, miHoYo keeps a record that you can consult by hitting the History button in the banner section.

The 50/50 lottery

There is a catch; the pity system guarantees a 5 star character, however it's not necessarily the character featured in the banner.

Let's use the upcoming banner, Plane of Euthymia that feature Baal as an example.

  • The pity system gives the certainty of getting a 5 star character after 89 wishes, but only a 50% chance to get Baal.
  • Let's suppose your pity wish is 77th, then the system will flip a coin to decide if you get Baal or another 5 star character.

Heartbreaking isn't it? Not really, there is hope.

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100% drop rate

Continuing with Baal's banner example.

  • The 50/50 happens only once every two pity wishes. Then, the system changes the probabilities to get the feature character.
  • The first pity wish in any banner is a coin flip, 50/50 chance. But the next pity wish is a 100% guaranteed Baal.
  • How to make sure you get Baal?, have enough Prymogens to pull two 5 star character or weapon.

Important things to keep in mind.

  • Wishes from one Banner to another, carry on. If you wish 30 times in Ayaka's banner, 30 times in Yoimiya's banner; then you will get your pity wish in less than 30 wishes in Baal's banner.
  • 50/50 rules also carry on among banners, if you pulled for Kazuha and get Qiqi instead; that means your next pull in Baal's banner is a 100% chance to get her.
  • Sadly, if you were lucky enough to get Yoimiya in the current banner, then 50/50 rule resets and you will have to flip a coin to get Baal.
  • Every type of banner has their own pity system. Wishes for weapon banner or permanent banner don't add up to the 89 wishes you need for a character event pity wish. The same for the 50/50 rule

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Image of Baal the electro archon.
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Understanding Genshin Impact pity system can guaranteed you get Baal this time around.

Singles Versus Multis

This is a hotly contested topic, in every Gacha game. What is better simple pulls or multi pulls.

Efficiency’s sake Single pulls are much better because of the pity system.

If you manage to pull a 4-star or higher from a single wish (even better when it’s the featured rate-up), you can stop right then and there to save your resources.

On 10-pulls, you run the risk of overspending Primogems or Fates, and “wasting” pulls with 3-star weapons in the process if the rate-up appears early into the summon showcase.

However, this doesn't mean your chances are better in Single pulls, probabilities are the same and Multi pull are more time efficient.

It’s up to the player on how they decide to go with pulling on the Wish Banners, as it is still a game of chances in the end.,