Genshin Impact: How To Raise Your Adventure Rank

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Just because you’re getting stronger in Genshin Impact doesn’t mean others aren’t getting stronger as well.

The Adventure Rank is a means to gauge if your current power is strong enough to get through the mobs of the current World Level; the higher the rank, the higher the overall level of all enemies, and increased drop rates on rare materials.

If you are keen on getting into a challenge, these will help increase your Adventure Rank.


Table of Contents

Story Quests

The mainline story quests and character story quests provide a massive amount of Adventure EXP, so expect a solid increase every time a mainline story quest.

Complete Daily Commissions

This is by far the most consistent way in grinding your Adventure Rank in a consistent manner. You unlock the ability to accept 4 daily missions from the Adventurers’ Guild at Adventure Rank 12. Said missions have their own little amount of Adventure EXP, and so does the reward you can get after completing all four. Make it a point to do this every time you log in.

Ley Lines, World Bosses and Domains

All three world quests give out a flat amount of Adventure EXP upon completion. It doubles as a way to continue strengthening your characters overall, whether through EXP materials, dropped materials or equippable artifacts. If you have Resin to spare, whether Fragile or Condensed, going for either is always a good idea.

Finding Treasure Chests

Opening chests around the world of Teyvat is actually pretty satisfying in total. Each chest gives little Adventure Rank EXP individually, but because of the sheer number of chests scattered and hidden it all adds up eventually.

The Rank Ascension Quests

Reaching certain Adventure Ranks will give you the option to complete a quest that unlocks higher levels. Be sure to complete this if you intend on leveling your Adventure Rank. Leaving it uncomplete will make your Adventure EXP overflow, and it will continue to do so until you accomplish the emergency commission.