All Genshin Impact Inazuma Sakura Bloom Locations

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One of the many new collectible items in Genshin Impact 2.0 is Sakura Bloom, a beautiful item used in cooking and character ascension.

They also require a bit of a different method to collect than most items throughout the game.

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Genshin Impact Sakura Bloom Locations


Sakura Blooms can be found in Inazuma, specifically on Narakami Island. In the wild, Sakura Blooms look like floating purple clusters.

In order to collect them, players must strike these clusters with Electro and they will drop Sakura Blooms.

The respawn time of Sakura Bloom is currently unknown, so check back in the future for more details!

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Sakura Bloom Uses

Sakura Bloom is an item required to cook Sakura Tempura, which requires:

  • 4 Shrimp Meat
  • 2 Lavendar Melon
  • 2 Sakura Bloom
  • 1 Flour

Sakura Bloom is also used to ascend Ayaka.

A total of 68 Sakura Blooms are needed on her path to Level 90.

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Growing Sakura Bloom

Genshin Impact currently does not allow players to collect seeds to grow Sakura Bloom.