Genshin Impact: Stone Gate Chest Location Guide

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Genshin Impact is packed full of treasure chests, with the world of Teyvat teeming with hidden goods.

One [aricular treasure that seems to be eluding players is the very well hidden chest in a secret cave located in Stone Gate.

Keep reading to for a quick guide on how to find the treasure's location.

Stone Gate Chest Location

There are many types of hidden treasure in Genshin Impact - from fallen debris, to hidden doorways and secret challenges.

genshin impact stone gate chest
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TREASURE HUNT: There's plenty of chests hidden around Teyvat

However, the Stone Gate treasure chest is in fact one of the simplest treasures to find.

Reddit user u/lyndon1313 posted a super helpful visual aid which shows the exact location of the chest - check it out below:

genshin impact stone gate location 1
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As you can see, the secret cave is located directly East of the Stone Gate text on the map and North of the Sal Terrae text, near the coast.

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Once you've found the cave, you'll come across a wooden bridge - instead of crossing the bridge, drop down off of it and you'll find three treasure chests - two exquisite and one precious chest.

Stone Gate Location Video Guide

If you're still struggling to find the exact location of the chests, fear not, as YouTuber Manang K has created a video guide to show you the way.


Check it out below:

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