Genshin Impact: Tatarasuna Gate Key Locations

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While exploring the Mikage Furnace in Genshin Impact, players will come across a gate that requires three keys in order to open it.

Inside this gate lies the Blueprints needed in order to craft the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa, a powerful 4-Star Claymore.

Before jumping into the locations of the keys, it is probably a good idea for players to complete the Tatara Tales World Quest first, as it makes the Furance easier to explore.


Tatarasuna Gate Key Locations

Genshin Impact Tatarasuna Gate Key Locations
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KEYS: The three keys are location within the vicinity of the Furnace

Use the following guide in order to find all three keys within Mikage Furnace:

  1. Head to the Teleport Waypoint near the Shakkei Pavillion Domain and glide down to the roof of the highest building in the Forge and open the chest.
  2. Using the same Waypoint, head east and glide down below the cliffs to the bottom platform. The chest is under a lamp post.
  1. Use the Statue of the Seven in Kannazuka, grab an Electrograna, and glide to the southwest. There is a hole in a chimny with a chest inside.

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Opening the Tatarasuna Gate

Genshin Impact Tatarasuna Gate location
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GATE: Tucked under the cliffs

Tatarasuna Gate can be found on the western side of Mikage Furnace at ground level.

Once opened, players will have to fight three Ruin Sentinals before they can open the chest to obtain the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Blueprint.

There is also a Torn Page and an Electroculus inside the small cave.

Overall the quest is quite simple as long as the Furnace Purification System is up an running from completing the Tatara Tales World Quest.

Otherwise players are going to have to contend with enviornmental Electro DMG and having to find Electrograna repeatedly to stay safe.

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