Genshin Impact ‘The Dealing Sands’ World Quest Guide in Chenyu Vale

The Dealing Sands

The Dealing Sands

The latest update of Genshin Impact, Version 4.4, has introduced a fresh sub-region known as Chenyu Vale in Liyue. With the enhanced exploration systems, players have wasted no time in thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny of Chenyu Vale.

Alongside the new region, there are also several new world quests to undertake. One of these quests, called 'The Dealing Sands', takes players on a thrilling encounter with the treasure hoarders.

To assist players in successfully completing this quest and obtaining the Breaking Iron and Stone achievement, this guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough, detailing the steps required to unlock and finish the quest.

How to unlock 'The Dealing Sands'

There are no prerequisites for starting the quest, which means players can jump into the action whenever they want.

By teleporting to the southern waypoint on Mt. Mingyuan, Chenyu Vale, players can begin their adventure.

As they arrive, they will witness a fierce battle between two factions of Treasure Hoarders, which will trigger a brief cutscene and mark the beginning of 'The Dealing Sands' quest.

'The Dealing Sands' walkthrough

Players will be guided through a series of encounters and dialogues as they uncover the story behind the clash between the two groups of Treasure Hoarders. The quest begins with the promise of Mora and a lavish feast, enticing players into the complex world of Fontaineian betrayal.

The Dealing Sands in Genshin Impact 4.4
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The Dealing Sands

As the players navigate through the unfolding drama, they will encounter unexpected turns of events, exposing undercover agents and setting the stage for a thrilling confrontation. The climax of the quest entails defeating the Fontaineian Treasure Hoarders, culminating in a surprising plot twist that reveals the true identities of key characters.

Upon completion, players will be rewarded with 30 Primogems and 20 Liyue Reputation EXP.

Breaking Iron and Stone achievement

Players who successfully finish The Dealing Sands Quest will be generously rewarded. They will be granted 30 Primogems and 35,000 Mora as a token of their hard work.

Moreover, an exclusive achievement called "Breaking Iron and Stone" will be revealed, granting an additional five Primogems to the players.

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