Genshin Impact Tighnari Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts, & Team Compositions

Tighnari, the new 5-star character in Genshin Impact 3.0, is here to shake things up. Powered by Dendro reactions, the Forest Ranger will lead a new kind of interesting team composition.

With a fast-paced and continuous character-swapping playstyle, Tighnari's new teams will be a lot of fun while competing with the best.

Here's our Tighnari build guide for Genshin Impact 3.0, including the best weapons, artifacts, and team compositions.

Who is Tighnari?

Tighnari is a young botanist, and is the leader of the Forest Ranger protectors of the Avydia Forest in Sumeru.


  • Very useful Exploration talent, revealing the location of Sumeru Specialties.
  • Strong Elemental Burst with a very low energy cost
  • Tighnari will enhance the viability of some characters that are not top-tier.
  • Very flexible artifacts build and an extensive variety of Weapons can be used in Tighnari.
  • Tighnari will be added in the standard banner in Genshin Impact 3.1, therefore most players can have access to constellations in the future.


  • Tighnari is not very useful while he is not in the field.
  • Low DMG output in attacks that don't produce Elemental Reactions.

Best Weapons

Tighnari will work very well with a lot of different weapons, some of them really accessible and cheap.

Hunter's Path
Crit. Rate %
Gain 24% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Obtain the Tireless Hunt effect increasing Charged Attack DMG by 320% of Elemental Mastery. This effect will be removed after 12 Charged Attacks or 10s.
Crit Rate
If a Normal or Charged Attack hits a target within 0.3s of being fired, increases DMG by 60%. Otherwise, decreases DMG by 10%

Hunter's Path

  • The bow is tailor-made for Tighnari, so naturally is the best weapon for Tighnari.
  • Hunter's Path will increase the Elemental Mastery of Tighnari, so, he will make more DMG during Dendro reactions like Quicken.


  • Surprisingly the best F2P option is the 3-star bow Slingshot. It needs full refinements, but it is barely an inconvenience as the weapon is easy to get.
    • Slingshot will increase the damage of Charged Attacks, the main source of DMG for Tighnari.
  • The weapon has a low ATK base but the damage of Tighnari is based on reactions and Elemental Mastery.

Other Options

  • Tighnari's arsenal is very flexible, he can provide great performance with the following weapons:
    • 5-star: Aqua Simulacra, Amos Bow, Polar Star
    • 4-star: The Stringless, King's Squire, Hamayumi, The Viridscent Hunt

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Best Artifacts for Tighnari

Set 1
Set 2
Stats Needed
Best in Slot
Gilded Dreams
Gilded Dreams
Sands: EM - Goblet: Geo DMG - Circlet: Crit. DMG or Crit. Rate
Wanderer's Troupe
Wanderer's Troupe
Sands: EM - Goblet: Geo DMG - Circlet: Crit. DMG or Crit. Rate

Gilded Dreams

The best artifact for Tighnari is the four-piece of the new set Gilded Dreams. Luckily the domain is accessible from day one in Sumeru and the set is suitable for a lot of characters, so feel free to start farming.

Wanderer's Troupe

For those players low in resin, Wanderer's Troupe set is a very viable alternative. Especially considering, that players obtain these artifacts constantly by defeating weekly bosses.

We recommend focusing on Elemental Mastery, Crit. Rate and Crit DMG. Dendro DMG Goblet is ideal but you can use the free slot and add any good piece from any artifact set.

Best Team Compositions

Main DPS
Kujou Sara
Elemental Reaction
Yae Miko

Tighnari will allow the formation of new team compositions and will give the spotlight to some characters that weren't considered part of the current meta, like Yae Miko, Kujou Sara, and Kuki Shinobu.

Perhaps, the only downside is that Tighnari's real DMG potential will depend on the Dendro Reaction Spread, obtained by the combination of Dendro and Electro.

The use of Pyro and Cryo characters will disrupt the Quicken reaction and lower the damage output of the team. Hydro characters like Kokomi can work with the right rotation.

Quicken or QuickAgrro Teams

The team is based on producing constant reactions and boosting the Elemental Mastery of Tighnari.

Deepwood Memories the new artifact added to a supporting character in this team will boost the DMG of all the other members.

Main DPS

  • Tighnari is a strong character with low cooldowns and low Energy Cost abilities, however, we don't see him in a position that is not DPS.


  • This team is based on the creation of Electro and Dendro reactions. Luckily, most Electro characters have abilities that work outfield and generate a lot of particles.
  • We consider that K. Sara's quick ATK boost and Electro application are the perfect matches for Tighnari.
    • Alternatives: All Electro Characters except Razor.

Elemental Enabler

  • A second Electro Character will trigger the Gilded Dreas passive with EM.
    • Fischl, Yae Miko, and Raiden Shogun are viable options. Dori is likely to be a good match.
  • A second Dendro Character will provide the Dendro Resonance and some extra particles.
    • Both Collei and Dendro Traveler will contribute to the team.


  • We can't forget some defensive skills that will help with the survivability of the team.
    • Zhongli can use the Deepwwod Memories Set and boost the team.
    • Kokomi and Barbara are not disruptive to the Quicken Reaction.
    • Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti can pull enemies together and shred their defense.
    • Kuki will apply extra Electro and heal your team.

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