Genshin Impact Trailer: Prelude to Wisdom - Sumeru Characters & New Lore Details REVEALED

Genshin Impact has a brand new trailer for the Sumeru region titled Prelude to Wisdom. This trailer introduces new enemies and creatures of the region and some new characters coming to the game.

In the video, details about the story and characters of the Dendro Nation are explained by Yogurt, Hoyoverse's Scriptwriter.

Prelude to Wisdom also confirms many Genshin Impact rumors and shows the road ahead for the new content coming to the game.

*WATCH NOW* New Genshin Impact Sumeru Trailer - "Prelude to Wisdom"

Sumeru, the Land of Wisdom

By the end of the Archon Quest in Inazuma, Yae Miko suggested that our next destination should be Sumeru, but not without warning first, that Wisdom in the Dendro Nation is a type of currency.

In Prelude to Wisdom, we find that Sumeru treasures wisdom to the point that the Akademiya handled all state affairs. A legacy from the previous Dendro Archon, Rukkhadevata.

Akasha System in Genshin Impact
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AKASHA SYSTEM: A communication device for people of Sumeru in Genshin Impact

In addition, we also discover that all citizens of Sumeru can't dream and are connected by some ear gadget called the Akasha System.

Dendro Creatures & Sumeru Enemies

The second part of the video showed that the humidity and soil of Sumeru are ideal for Mushrooms to thrive.

They have evolved into several species that won't hesitate to protect the Rainforest.

Jadeplume Terrorshrooms in Genshin Impact
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Jadeplume Terrorshrooms will drop the ascension materials for Tighnari and Collei

We also received the first official glimpse of the new World Boss: Jadeplume Terrorshrooms, a gigantic peacock with solid legs made of ancient mushrooms.

The Eremites

In Sumeru, we will encounter a new force. The Emerites, settlers from an ancient desert civilization. The group is unaligned with any nation, but they are mercenaries.

Ruins in Genshin Impact
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Ruins of an Ancient Civilization in Genshin Impact, the area is guard by beast and machines

In the desert, we will find advanced machines and fierce beasts that protect the ruins of the ancient civilization. The Emerites claim part of that legacy.

New Genshin Impact Characters

Perhaps the most exciting part of the video Prelude to Wisdom was the introduction of 5 new characters, including some details about their background story.


  • An Amurta Researcher. Tighnari also serves as the leader of the Forest Watchers.
  • We know by drip marketing he will be a 5-start bow Dendro character coming in Genshin Impact 3.0

Al Haitham

  • We will meet with this tall guy with gray hair in Port Ormos. He is a member of the Haravat, a part of the Akademya.
  • According to leaks, Al Haitham is a Sword Dendro character, a friend of Zhongli.


  • This character is designed to resemble an Ancient Egypt princess. Dehya lives in the desert, and it is part of The Emerites.
  • Data miners revealed her vision is Pyro and Dehya is most likely to use a Claymore as a weapon.


  • Nilou is a young girl who practices dance and art instead of following the path of knowledge of most Sumeru citizens.
  • Leaked footage shows that Nilou is a 5-star Hydro character.


  • We know Cyno for the Genshin Impact Manga, he is a Scholar, and according to the new trailer, Cyno is the General Mahatra.
  • Cyno is an Electro Polearm character. We need to confirm if he is a 5-star.
Nahida in Genshin Impact
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NAHIDA: Possibly the new Dendro Archon in Genshin Impact


  • She was mentioned as a mysterious girl, with an attire full of flowers and white hair.
  • However, we suspect Hoyoverse was cautious about revealing more details, cause Nahida is the mortal name for the Dendro Archon.

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