Genshin Impact Valberry Locations: Where to Find on Map, How to Farm and How to use for Noelle & Lisa

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Genshin Impact remains one of the most popular games at the moment.

The game brings with it a number of materials for players to find, each of which you can find in different parts of the map.

They are also each used to complete different in-game actions.

Let’s take a look at Vallberries now, where you can find them, and everything else to do with the fruit!

What are Valberries?

Valberries are a fruit found in Genshin Impact.

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Known for their sweet taste and fragrant smell, the Genshin Impact wiki shows they have a historic lore purpose.

Watchers of the storms used to use them for solace in the past.

Where can I find them?

Valberries can be found in the wild around the Stormbearer Mountains.

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HANDY GUIDES: This map is a handy guide to Valberry locations

There are a number of locations that players can go to find the berries.

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Similarly, you can purchase the fruit from Chloris, who you find in Mondstadt’s Windrise area. She is a wandering NPC so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

What can I do with Valberries?

You use Valberries in the ascension of various characters.

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SWEET VICTORY: Once found, you can simply collect the fruit

These are Lisa and Noelle, both 4-star characters.

One Genshin Impact Wiki user also said that you can use them to achieve 100 Mondstadt Local Specialist.

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Unfortunately, Valberries do not have any other purposes, as they cannot be used in any weapon ascensions yet.

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