How to Get a House in Genshin Impact

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One of the largest additions Genshin Impact's the 1.5 update has to offer is the game's new housing system.

Once players have completed the first part of the A Teapot to Call Home quest, they can choose from three private sub-spaces to build their homes.

The remaining quests in the series talk players through the use and customization of their homes.

A Teapot to Call Home

Genshin Impact's Serenitea Pot
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TEA: This pot contains more than just a tasty beverage

Genshin Impact players can initiate the "A Teapot to Call Home" quest from the Events page in the Paimon menu.

From there, the game guides players through a storyline involving Madam Ping, Yanfei, Dr. Baizhu, and other NPCs while a legal quarrel is played out.

At the end of the quest, Genshin Impact fans are awarded their very own Serenitea Pot containing a world of their own to furnish they see fit.

The steps to the quest all take place in the city of Liyue, and are as follows:

  • Talk to Madam Ping
  • Talk to Krosl
  • Talk to Zhiqiao
  • Talk to Krosl
  • Head to the marked location
  • Talk to Shitou
  • Inspect the debris
  • Talk to Shitou
  • Talk to Xingxi
  • Talk to Baizhu
  • Talk to Krosl
  • Talk to Madam Ping

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Genshin Impact Yanfei
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YANFEI: She talks a lot, but knows her stuff.

The quest requires a lot of running around and not much else.

It is more like a guided story, only requiring Genshin Impact players to visit location after location, talking to NPCs, and watching Yanfei do what she does best.

As far as quests go, it is pretty tame, but it contains a great introduction to Yanfei and the world of the Serenitea Pot.

Players also get a bit more of Dr. Baizhou, which is always a pleasure.

Genshin Impact Dr. Baizhu
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BAIZHU: He is just awesome

Once the quest is over Madam Ping will give the player the Teapot which is equipped as a gadget and used to enter a private sub-space created as a private space for the Traveler.

The next quests take place inside the teapot after players have chosen which of the three types of realms available they would like their home to be in.

Building Your Home

Genshin Impact Realm choice
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REALMS: Players can choose from one of three realms to build their home

Genshin Impact's housing system is a bit misleading but in a good way.

Players do not just get to furnish their own home, but their own village with just about anything a city in Genshin Impact has.

One of the first things players are expected to do is place a forge on their chosen property, allowing them to great items as if they were at Wagner's or Master Zhang's.

Once players enter their mansion, they can place any furniture or decorations they have in any of the multitudes of rooms.

New furnishings for a player's realms can be crafted using materials found while adventuring, purchased from shops in Teyvat, or purchased from the Traveling Depot that sometimes visits the private realm.

The Traveling Depot only accepts Realm Currency, which is earned by opening a Jar or Riches from Tubby, a player's private butler.

The more players decorate their homes, the more Realm Currency they earn.

Crafting Furnishings

Genshin Impact crafting screen
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CRAFTING: Furnishings take time to create

Players can craft their own furnishings for their home by obtaining blueprints and bringing them to Tubby.

Once they have gathered the required materials for a blueprint, they may craft that furnishing to place into their home once the crafting time is complete.

Crafting times vary but take time, so it is important to start crafting desired items as early as possible.

Items required for crafting are:

  • Wood - Cut trees with Swords of Claymores
    • Birch Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
    • Cuihua Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
    • Pine Wood - Dragonspine
    • Sandbearer Wood - Liyue
    • Bamboo Segments - Liyue
    • Cedar Wood - Mondstadt
    • Fir Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
  • Fabric - Crafted with Silk Flowers x10
  • Dye
    • Blue Dye - Craftable with Mint or Wolfhook
    • Red Dye - Craftable with Sunsettia
    • Yellow Dye - Craftable with Berries
Gethin Impact Crafting screen
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CRAFTING: Players can create crafting materials and furnishing

Placing Furnishings

When inside the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact, players will notice a new option to the right of the quick menu, allowing them to enter the Edit Mode for their realm.

Genshin Impact quick menu
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PLACEMENT: Place your items!

Choosing this option when inside or outside your home will allow you to place indoor or outdoor items.

Earning Rewards

As players expand their realm, they will level up their Trust Rank with Tubby, earning various rewards like Primogems.


Players who level up their Trust Rank can also hold more Realm Currency, unlock more furnishing creation slots, earn more blueprints, and more.

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