EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode: BRAND NEW details revealed in trailer

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ea sports pga tour career mode trophy

It's nearly time to hit the greens in EA Sports PGA Tour, with the new golf game set to transport you to some of the best courses in the world!

Career Mode will play a major role in the title, where you can customise and improve your golfer to take on the biggest names on the tour.

Find out everything you need to know about EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode and check out the latest deep dive trailer on it below.

*WATCH HERE* Career Mode Trailer

As we approach the new EA Sports PGA Tour release date, more details are emerging for the upcoming game.

The latest is a deep dive trailer for Career Mode, which was revealed at 11am ET / 3pm GMT on Tuesday, 21 March and you can check it out below:

EA Sports PGA Tour Career Mode

Much of your time in EA Sports PGA Tour will be spent in Career Mode, where you can customise your golfer, improve your game and become the best around!

As stated on the official EA website:

Your career, your way! As your golf game improves, so does your path to becoming a Major champion. Create and customize a golfer, develop your skill set with new Shot Types, gain deeper course knowledge as you play, and learn to attack every hole like a pro.
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DETAILS - EA Sports PGA Tour will be stunning to play

Available from launch, it is an offline mode, although you will require an online connection to play.

You can compete at big events such as THE PLAYERS Championship and FedExCup Playoffs as you look to add to your trophy collection.

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Customise Character

To start your Career Mode you will first design your golfer's appearance with a variety of visual customisations, including accessories and clothing from iconic golf brands.

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MAGIC MOUSTACHE - Give your character a unique look

It's not just your looks which will make your character unique, as you can adjust your swing style by selecting swing animation, swing tempo, preferred shot shape and ball trajectory throughout your career.

Equipment options will also be on offer, where you can play around with club head, shaft, grips and more!

Career Journey

Choose where you want to start your career journey, either as an amateur in one of the top amateur events, on the Korn Ferry Tour, or on the PGA Tour.

As an amateur you’ll be able to play in the U.S. Amateur Championship, Augusta National Women’s Amateur, The Amateur Championship, Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, and Latin American Amateur Championship, culminating in Q-school where you’ll compete for a spot on the Korn Ferry Tour.

After you’ve conquered the amateur championships you’ll have the opportunity to earn an invitation to the Masters and U.S. Open!

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season hub ea sports pga tour
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STARTED AT THE BOTTOM - Chose to play as an amateur, in the Korn Ferry Tour, or straight onto the PGA Tour

When on the PGA Tour you will compete weekly on some of golf's biggest stages, including the major championships, where you can chase your green jacket, a Grand Slam Title, race for the FedExCup and more.

Each tournament has specific field sizes and entry requirements that mirror its real-life counterpart, so you will have to earn your place.

When competing, you can play shot-for-shot against an AI PGA Tour pro using AI Pairings, or turn it off to speed up the round.

Using official ShotLink data, the AI pros will play each course and hole just as they would in real life!

Season Hub

The Season Hub will be your home base during Career Mode, showing you all the calendar events you will encounter week by week.

You can track your career progress and other milestones as you plan your way to silverware.

Certain quests are available for you to fulfil in the Career Mastery tab, such as winning majors and finishing in the top 10 spots, and by completing them you can develop new skills and unlock new shot types.

Skill Progression and Shot Types

An RPG-style progression is used throughout Career Mode, where you build your golfer's skill over time by earning XP and Skill Points.

Use those to upgrade categories such as Power, Driving, Approach, Short Game and Putting to unlock new shot types and upgrades to tackle more difficult courses.

2 hybrid club spec legendary iron ea sports pga tour
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TOOL UP - Unlock the best equipment to tackle the hardest courses

By completing different challenges, you can earn and control the specs of your ball and club, which offer customisable performance characteristics across the areas of Power, Accuracy, Control and Recovery.

Create up to five different bag loadouts to suit different courses and optimise your play.

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Players will have a variety of attributes that can be influenced by completing quests throughout Career Mode. Use skill points in each of the five skill categories to unlock new shot types and upgrade your golfer's attributes.

  • Power: Upgrading this attribute adds more power and influences swing speed at tee off.
  • Accuracy: The higher the accuracy, the smaller the mishit and window sizes become.
  • Control: The higher the player’s control, the more accurately they'll be able to influence grip, shot shaping accuracy and ball spin.
  • Recovery: Recovery decreases the impact of penalties applied when in bad lies such as rough and sand. Penalties include:
    • Carry distance penalty
    • The size of the range shown in the carry distance penalty window
    • Natural spin penalty
    • Shot shaping penalty
    • Spin control penalty
    • Mishit tolerance window penalty
    • Penalty for off-plane swings and mishits

EA Sports PGA Tour Release Date

The EA Sports PGA Tour release date has been pushed back slightly, now coming on Friday, 7 April 2023 after yet another delay to the already delayed original release date!


The launch week coincides with the Masters Tournament, with Early Access starting on Tuesday, 4 April.

ea sports pga tour release date delay
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WAITING GAME - Another short delay has hit the launch

The worldwide release was originally set for Friday, 24 March, with early access beginning on Tuesday, 21 March.

Pre-orders are available with a confirmed three-day early access period for those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game.

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