GRID: Free trial now available on Xbox & PS4

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It's not every day you get to try out one of the best games of 2019 for free. But today is that lucky day.

Codemasters' award-winning game, GRID, is now available to everyone on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as a free trial.

Simply head over to the Xbox Live Store or PlayStation Store and you can try it for free.


GRID, which hit October to strong critical reviews, was a return to one of Codemasters' most enjoyed series of racers and offers drivers the chance to race around the world in a number of legendary cars.

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From the Volvo 825 touring car to Fernando Alonso's championship-winning R26 Formula 1 car, it provides an eclectic challenge to even the most seasoned racer.

What to expect from the free trial

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RACE ALL NIGHT: GRID's street tracks come alive when the sun goes down

The free trial will drop you in at the deep end as you get behind the wheel of a GT class car in Shanghai as you finish the WSR and qualify for the GRID World Championship.

You'll also have the chance to race around two legendary race tracks, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit and feel the thrill of GRID's wheel-to-wheel racing.

Is GRID good?

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RACE YOUR OWN WAY: GRID offers combative or smooth drivers the chance to compete

Absolutely it is.

Our review gave it a massive four stars (out of five) and said;

"It’s a complete driving experience, with circuit racing around Silverstone and Sepang, or streets that have such high kerbs you can bounce your car onto its roof if you aren’t careful."

"This is a strong racing game. The wide range of cars, locations, and circuit routes mean you aren’t likely to get bored with it any time soon. The racing experience is truly unlike any other too."

"The race choreographer, as well as Nemesis Mode, are things that Codemasters need to put into every racing game in the future, especially F1 2020. They are masterpieces that really alter the way this game feels compared to a usual racer."

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The most revolutionary thing about GRID is the Nemesis Mode.

This tweak of AI brilliance creates a truly original racing experience that gives career mode races the feel of online lobbies, as drivers battle for position, aggressively fight for space, and even crash without any player car nearby.

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