Rockstar Sacrifices Red Dead Online to Work on GTA 6

Rockstar is one of the most prolific video game developers of all time with every game they release becoming an instantly recognisable part of gaming culture. Their next title, GTA 6, is likely to decimate the records set by GTA 5 before it.

When it comes to Rockstar's current collection of incredibly popular titles, however, there has always been one glaring standout and that's Red Dead Online. Much to the annoyance of fans, it seems like Red Dead Online is now fully abandoned. Here's what we know.

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Major Updates For Red Dead Online Stop as Rockstar Move Onto GTA 6

Red Dead Online has been sacrificed for GTA 6
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After the release of 2018's Red Dead Redemption II, which many players consider to be one of the greatest video games to come out in recent years, it was inevitable that an online mode would follow.

Red Dead Online was introduced as Rockstar tried to recreate the success of GTA 5's GTA Online mode but the mode never seemed to take off at the same level which led to content for the title being pushed out at a much slower rate than fans would appreciate.

Despite the many calls and tweets from fans of the game to Save Red Dead Online, Rockstar has now decided that it's time to move on to other projects, officially announcing that they were "making some changes" to how they "support Red Dead Online" and that they were "moving more development resources" to GTA 6.

Red Dead Online won't have its support completely, however, as smaller updates like seasonal special events and expansions on existing content will still take place. Larger expansions such as the Blood Money update to Red Dead Online, meanwhile have officially been stopped fully.

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