When is GTA Online coming to PS5?

It might feel like a bit of a mission getting your hands on a PlayStation 5, but Sony's next-generation console has been out for over a year now and we're slowly starting to see more opportunities to pick one up. If you play a lot of GTA Online, you might be wondering when GTA Online is making the jump and getting a PS5 upgrade.

Rockstar Games has been talking about an Expanded and Enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 for some time - so, surely GTA Online is going to benefit from the same improvements. Right? Maybe not.

When is GTA Online coming to PS5?

At the moment, Rockstar Games has not expressed any intentions of releasing a native PS5 release for GTA Online - or one for Xbox Series X|S, for that matter. This doesn't mean it's impossible, but the evidence is stacked against it.

Looking at recent next-gen updates, very few of them include an update to the next-gen portion of the game. In fact, a lot of the more-recent next-generation updates have been for mainly single-player games. When you couple this with the fact that very few popular online multiplayer games that can be considered on the same scale as GTA Online are available on both generations of consoles, it doesn't look promising.

GTA Online PS5
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DOES IT NEED IT? - GTA Online is pretty good as it is...

Fortnite and Destiny 2 have native next-generation releases, but Apex Legends, Warzone, and notably the more-recent Red Dead Online are all still on current-gen consoles.

However, it wouldn't be impossible to bring GTA Online to PS5. The Enhanced and Expanded version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is due to release in March 2022 - on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. GTA Online is played on the same map, with a lot of the same weapons and vehicles... All the assets are there, more or less, and it would make sense for Rockstar Games to make the most of them.

With Grand Theft Auto 6 still MIA on the release calendar, it seems certain that GTA Online will continue for quite a while yet. It feels like GTA Online on PS5 is an inevitability - but we don't have anything solid yet.