Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl - The only 'snack' you need this Valentine's Day - Gameplay, Characters, Location & more

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When you realise that the game is developed by the legendary Level-5 and has its own anime series, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Snack World is on a lot of gamers' wishlists.

On paper, there isn’t too much about the game that separates it from other explorer-RPG games.



You start off by creating your own character, who then wakes up in a town with no recollection of anything.

snack world gameplay

Your aim is to embark on a series of quests; some of which progress the storyline, while others are more superficial side-quests.

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Players will loot to build up a decent stock while gaining valuable experience along the way.

What sets this game apart from others is = the personality of the unique graphical style.


Gamers who have seen played their fair share of dungeon explorers will not have seen a handheld RPG with as much tongue-in-cheek humour and personality.

The awful puns will leave you chuckling more often than not

The land of Snack World

This world revolves around anything food-related.

snack world enemies

All of the cations are named after popular meals, and characters have ridiculous culinary-related names too.

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You can find Romano and Julienne exploring the Falafel Flats, Gumbo Grotto and even the Succotash Sands.

Furthermore, players will be able to consume all of their consumables (as all types of food and drink can be collected to improve your stats).


The enemies are actually the highlight of the game, as interactions generally result with some even more cringe-worthy puns.

snack world dungeon crawl

For example, the Infantry is quite literally a group of children who throw tantrums when you attack them.

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And there's a twist - all 168 different species of the enemy can be recruited to join your team.

The more encounters you have with a certain species, the more your familiarity with it grows, until it reaches its maximum level.

When this happens, you can take a photo of the downed enemy to add to your list of ‘Snacks’ - meaning you can call on them to accompany you on your next quest