The Best Items In LoL Season 14

LoL Splash Art

LoL Splash Art

There were many new items introduced in LoL Season 14, and some of them had a huge impact on the game. These items brought some champions back into the spotlight while making others even stronger.

The meta is also being heavily influenced by some specific items. Champions that can take advantage of those items are being heavily prioritized in ranked and pro play.

So let's find out which are the items that are taking over Summoner's Rift in Season 14, and why that's the case.

League of Titanic Hydra

If Riot Games ever thought about changing the name of their flagship title now is the best time to do it. League of Titanic Hydra would be a great option as this item is completely dominating the game.

The new Titanic Hydra is a must-build item in bruisers such as Jax, Xin Zhao, Trundle, and Rek'Sai. It's an extremely cost-efficient item, costing just 3000 gold and providing 50 attack damage and 500 health.

On top of that, Titanic Hydra has arguably the best active and passive in the game. It deals 6% maximum health and bonus physical damage to the first champion hit, and 9% on secondary targets.

The item is spectacular on melee champions, especially on Bruisers, as it allows them to deal an astonishing amount of damage. With a full combo, a Xin Zhao with Titanic Hydra can kill an ADC or Support, and even get a tank to half HP.

LoL Xin Zhao Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games
Xin Zhao is currently one of the best junglers in the game and Titanic Hydra is the main reason why.

Jax also benefits a lot from this item, as it improves his wave clear, and makes his trades in the laning phase extremely stronger.

The Titanic Hydra build path is also great, as both Tiamat and Tunneler are two great item components, offering good stats and being quite cheap. Tiamat offers 20 attack damage and a better wave clear, while Tunneler provides 15 attack damage and 230 health.

Ideally, you want to pick up Tiamat on your first back, especially if you are playing Top Lane. However, Tunneler will also be a great pick-up as it gives you more sustain and fighting stats in the laning phase.

If you are building it on a jungler, Tiamat is by far the best pickup because of its wave clear. It will allow you to clear camps faster, and get ahead in tempo, which can provide you more ganking opportunities.

All of this makes Titanic Hydra the best item in the game right now.

Are you a mage? Then buy Stormsurge!

While Titanic Hydra is the go-to item for melee champions, Stormsurge is it for mages. This item was introduced in Season 14 and it quickly became one of the best items in the game.

Stormsurge is the perfect second item to build in champions such as Syndra, Akali, Orianna, Neeko, and Sylas, among many other mages. It offers you 100 AP, 10% magic penetration, and 5% movement speed.

If you deal damage equal to 35% of your opponent's maximum health, Stormsurge will give you a 25% bonus movement speed for two seconds. Furthermore, it only has a 30-second cooldown.

This allows mages to poke their opponents and get a movement speed boost that helps them either gap close or get out of a tricky situation.

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Credit: Riot Games/ LEC

100 AP for an item that just costs 2900 gold is also insane, especially when you factor in its passive. On top of that, its 10% magic penetration is very useful in the early and mid-game, being extremely strong in skirmishes or teamfights.

Similar to Titanic Hydra, Stormsurge build path is also really good, and a big part of why the item is so popular. Its components, Hextech Alternator and Aether Wisp, are relatively cheap and offer good stats.

Aether Wisp gives you 30 ability power and 5% movement speed for just 800 gold. Hextech Alternator costs 1100 gold and provides 50 ability power.

This item is very popular both in ranked and in pro-play. So popular that, out of the 15 games of Week 1 of the LEC, Stormsurge was built in 10. If that doesn't demonstrate how strong the item is right now, I don't know what does.

The dream of every melee support!

Support items are extremely strong in Season 14, and I will go as far as saying they are dominating the game right now. However, there is one item that stands out, and that's Trailblazer.

Trailblazer is the dream of every melee support. For a reasonable price of just 2500 gold, you get 40 armor, 200 health, and 5% movement speed. Best of all, it's purchasable at a Summoner's Rift shop near you.

To engage champions such as Rakan, Leona, Nautilus, Alistar, and Rell, the item is perfect. Not only because it offers 5% movement speed, as mentioned above, but its passive grants an additional 20% movement speed once fully stacked.

The Trailblazer passive also leaves a path behind that grants 15% of bonus movement speed to allies. This makes it much easier for engage champions to find good engage opportunities. At the same time, your allies have an easier time following up.

LoL Invictus Gaming Rakan Splash Art
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Credit: Riot Games
Rakan is one of the best champions to build Trailblazer on.

Furthermore, your next attack after the Trailblazer passive is fully stacked slows the enemy hit by 50% for one second, which feels like an eternity in LoL.

Trailblazer build path is also very cost-efficient, as Winged Moonplate gives you 150 HP and 5% movement speed for just 800 gold, and Chain Vest gives you 40 armor for the same price.

Most supports will be able to get one of these two components on their first back. You should pick up Winged Moonplate first if possible, as it offers better stats and more fighting strength in skirmishes.

If you are playing with an engage support, Trailblazer is a must-have item. Its stats are great, the item is incredibly cheap, and it makes your job of finding good engages much easier.

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