League of Legends Worlds and MSI Format Changes for 2023 and beyond

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Worlds Summoners Cup

League of Legends Worlds is all wrapped up, and no spoilers here if you somehow haven't heard. The final was certainly one to remember though, as one of the only finals series to go the distance in the tournament's history, and treat fans to Silver Scrapes.

There are complaints about the format that still ring true, however, the principal one being the lack of international games per year. Riot has announced some plans to change this though. Here's everything we know so far about what's planned.


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Lol Worlds Format Changes

In a press conference recently at Worlds, Riot responded to various complaints that the fanbase has had about the tournament's format. Since so few international games are played in a year and house some of the best League of Legends, viewers are hungry for more.

When asked about whether the format would be changing for international tournaments going forward, Riot has this to say:

Aletaha: The short answer to your question is yes, format changes are coming. When we heard the feedback last year, we took this season to really dive into it, to really start to assess what parts of the format were working and what parts could use improvements. We were working with our regional teams around the world to beat up what these formats can and should be. I won’t go into exactly what those should be or will be today, here. We will announce that by the start of the season. But I’m excited to say that new formats are coming for both MSI and for Worlds, starting in 2023.

They added that while format changes would be coming, single elimination was still here to stay. That means no losers bracket for Worlds, to keep the competition as high-stakes as possible.


The Future of League of Legends

League of Legends' future and the esport in general was also a hot topic of conversation. With the declining popularity of the game in some aspects, and with the west failing to perform at Worlds once again, there are some doubts about League's longevity.

When asked about how Worlds has affected North American League, Riot had a message of hope for fans:

Aletaha: I think Worlds coming back to NA and Worlds in general… It’s such a culturally resonant moment for the entire League of Legends community. We’re excited that we’re here in North America for the first time since 2016. It’s in the North American community’s backyard, it’s a favorable timezone for them. We’re still collecting the viewership [data] throughout Worlds, but last weekend, through the semifinals, we did see our English viewership increase year over year. So, we are seeing some really positive trends, really positive sentiment coming from North America. We look to keep that momentum going, I’d say, coming off this event and going into the 2023 season. But really positive signs coming from this Worlds, I’d say.
Laurent: The player base hasn’t really moved. I think the LCS has had ups and downs and we’re working on stuff. We’ve seen similar stuff in the past with other leagues. The LEC you, John [Needham], rebooted a few years ago and we’re working on stuff for the LCS. But the core base hasn’t moved much.

If you're a fan of League of Legends don't fret just yet, as lots of plans are in the works for the coming year.