League of Legends: Udyr VGU Revealed in New Trailer

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In a new trailer, Riot Games has finally revealed the next champion in line for a League of Legends VGU, Udyr.

Although not fully detailing all of the information surrounding the champion, the video showcases the Spirit Walker in a completely new look, keeping intact his famous stances.

Riot reveals Udyr's VGU through League of Legends trailer

Following his landslide victory in a poll that Riot held at the start of 2021, Udyr was the players' choice to be next in line to join the evergrowing list of reworks and VGUs (visual and gameplay update). After a significant amount of waiting that included leaks and teases, it's finally here.

The update makes sure that although it's a completely updated Udyr, the essence of the champion, including some of what his abilities can do, remained.


The video showcases a more defined Udyr, one that alongside his base abilities, looks to bring new life to the champion.


Narrating his own trailer, Udyr mentions the power of his newfound spirits while also showing them off on his enemies. He kicked it off with what he called "the strength of the bear," which like one of his old stances, summons bear claws, but now, they boast some type of electric power.

Following that up comes "the drive of the ram" and "the will of the boar." The first of these two allows Udyr to summon animal horns on his shoulders, allowing him to stun every opponent hit by it. The second one grants him a shield; the damage it shields him from is still uncertain.

Rounding it all out comes "the cold fury of the phoenix" that departs from his original fire-filled phoenix stance in favor a frost power seemingly linked to the Cryophoenix herself, Anivia. This ability summons a snow storm around him that damages and slows enemies around him.

Udyr undergoing a VGU should as no surprise as this champion has been one of the longest-standing characters in League's history. Now that it's finally been revealed, players can expect more information and a release date on it soon.

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