LoL 13.6 COUNTDOWN - Release Time, Date, Patch Notes & Latest News

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Faerie Court Katarina
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The LoL 13.6 update is on the way, giving League of Legends yet another batch of content.

In the LoL 13.6 update, players can expect Season 13's first new champion, Milio, balancing and tuning for several champions, items, runes, and more. Additionally, players can expect new skins as the update introduces the new Faerie Court line and a new Ashen Knight skin.


That being said, here's what's in store for LoL 13.6 as we count down to its release time.

LoL 13.6 Release Time & Date

The LoL 13.4 update is set to release on Wednesday, March 23, 2023. As always, players can expect League of Legends servers to go down for maintenance at 6 am EST before going live with the new update at 9 am EST.

For a more accurate timeframe, follow our countdown below to make sure you don't miss out on the fun!

LoL 13.6 Release Time


Once the patch is live, players will be able to enjoy numerous new skins, the new event, as well as plenty of buffs, nerfs, and overall changes from its patch notes.

LoL 13.6 Patch Notes Highlights

As mentioned previously, LoL 13.6 is set to bring on numerous changes.


Here's a rundown on the 13.6 patch notes:

  • New Champion, Milio
  • Up to six total champions receive buffs, nerfs, or changes
  • Item Changes
    • Bloodthirster, Nashor's Tooth, Navori Quickblades
  • Rune Changes
    • Lethal Tempo, Legend: Bloodline
  • Eight new skins
    • Faerie Court Line, Ashen Knight addition

LoL 13.6 Skins

Taking part in LoL 13.6 will be eight brand-new skins from both the brand-new Faerie Court skin line and the renowned Ashen Knight line.

Faerie Court 2023

Bringing out the brightest and the most colorful, the Faerie Court line coats a total of seven champions in glowing and radiant colors.

Faerie Court Ezreal LoL 13.6
Credit: Riot Games
FLYING AWAY: Ezreal boasts butterfly wings in his Faerie Court skin

Champions such as Karma, Kalista, Ezreal, Seraphine, Fiora, Katarina, and the newly releasing Milio, will be doused in vivid and radiant features and hues. Additionally, Katarina will be receiving a Prestige Edition of her skin. This is one of the more unique-looking skin lines thus far in Season 13.

All of the Faerie Court skins except Karma's, which is priced at 1820 RP, will cost 1350 RP. Katarina's Prestige Edition, like others before it, is expected to cost ME or Event Tokens.

Ashen Guardian Shen

Pairing up with the Faerie Court skins is yet another addition to the Ashen Knight skin line.

Ashen Guardian Shen
Credit: Riot Games
ANOTHER GUARDIAN: Shen joins the Ashen Knight skin line

Joining the likes of Pyke, Sylas, Pantheon, and others, the new Ashen Guardian Shen skin takes similar dark colors and hues. In contrast to past Ashen skins, though, Ashen Guardian Shen is more accentuated in its visual effects.

Ashen Guardian Shen will be priced at 100 ME (Mythic Essence). The skin also comes with a chroma priced at 40 ME.