Madden 21 Next-Gen: Don't expect many differences on PS5 & Xbox Series X

Madden 21 has been out for nearly two months and whilst opinions on the game are varied, there is no denying it continues to be a sports gaming titan.

As we head into the third month since it's release, the focus will shift to the next-gen consoles.

What can we expect from Madden 21 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

What will next-gen bring to Madden 21?

With the huge power leaps of the new consoles, there is plenty of scope for improvements in both graphics and gameplay.

For a start, the loading times should be going. And that should be as straightforward as playing on the new console. The loading times for Madden 21 is surprisingly long, but that could be a thing of the past instantly.

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The visuals are the second most obvious upgrade that could be delivered. There would require some work to optimise for 4k in a way that would leverage the power of the next-gen.

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But that said, if you are moving from a base level version of the current gen then you could see improvements on day one.

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Unfortunately, we are expecting this could be the limit to the improvements you get on Madden 21 for the next-gen consoles.

At least in the short to medium term.

EA Sports have given views of how their FIFA players can move through the generations, but this hasn't been provided in the same detail with Madden - which makes it seem less of a focus.

Don't expect too much from Madden 21 on Next-Gen

Previously, we had a lot of hopes for what the next-gen could do for Madden 21.

But being realistic, it's more likely to be a lowkey affair.

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EA sports have been very quiet about what next-gen will mean for Madden 21.

They have been firefighting all the immediate problems with launch. They have had continual title updates have been required to fix bugs, and they have been review bombed in most places.

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This means they focus is more on the here and now. There is no point optimising a game with bugs in for next-gen as you will just be moving the bugs too.

So whilst, you are likely to get some improvements just by playing the existing game on the new consoles, there will be limits to how impressive this will really be.

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Add to this the real limits of what the console can do is set by surrounding tech like the players TV, and you begin to realise this is likely something to look forward to for future Maddens.

There has been a lot of discussion and desire for improvements to Franchise mode that fans are still waiting for. It is likely that developer time will (and should) be on this.

By the point at which EA could be ready to make some big improvements for the next-gen consoles they will already have their minds on Madden 22.

When do the next-gen consoles land?

The Xbox Series X & S launch on November 10 and the PlayStation 5 lands on November 12.

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That's not a lot of time if EA are going to do something special for Madden and the launch of next-gen.

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We would expect there to be some fanfare, potentially some MUT related activity to help push sales.

But the amount this will be next-gen specific is expected to be minimal.

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