Madden 21: Seahawks Theme Team MUT 21 Guide - Russell Wilson, Walter Jones, Steve Hutchinson, DK Metcalf & more

Madden 21 Ultimate Team opens the door for many theme team possibilities - and players chase it to create their favorite all-time lineups.

With that in mind, let's go over one of the most popular MUT 21 theme teams, the Seattle Seahawks, and some important players to pick up.

Seahawks Theme Team

Theme teams in MUT 21 keep things interesting, and a very popular franchise with great potential for it is the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks have had a range of exciting talents throughout the years. These players gel together for a fantastic Ultimate Team theme lineup in Madden 21.

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For players that put together a Seahawks Theme Team in Madden 21, there are some pickups you can't miss.

The Most Important Pieces

For starters, you'll want to get going in the Most Feared and The 50 promos, as these have some of the most exciting Seattle Seahawks players in Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 Most Feared Scary Sharp Master Russell Wilson
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CAPTAIN: Scary Sharp Wilson leads the Seahawks theme team to new heights

This includes the leader of the squad, the massive 92 OVR Scary Sharp Master Russell Wilson.

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To sharpen up the front lines, you'll want to bring in Seattle Seahawks legend Steve Hutchinson as LG. This means netting his 92 OVR card from The 50.

To add more power to your line, you can also bring in Walter Jones. This means grabbing his own 91 OVR card from The 50.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Seahawks Theme Team Jamal Adams 1
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GLUE: Jamal Adams can stick to #1 receivers like glue in MUT 21

To lock up your deep coverage, you can grab 90 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Jamal Adams.

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While Russell Wilson is more than enough power for your offense, Seahawks fans get an absolute gem at RB. This is legendary Shaun Alexander, with his 90 OVRTeam of the Week 4 card.

MUT 21 team standouts DK Metcalf
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WORKHORSE: Metcalf is a machine, and at just 22 years old, he may be the brightest prospect on the team

The final most important part to the MUT 21 Seattle Seahawks Theme Team is to get some weapons on the outside. DK Metcalf has an excellent 89 OVR Team Standouts card you can pick up from a set. While Tyler Lockett just got a 91 OVR TOTW card!

rsz kam chancellor mut 21 blitz 2
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ZONE BALL HAWK: The legion of boom is back

With the recent Blitz promo you can now add a sensational 94 OVR Kam Chancellor at SS to your stellar defense. He can match up with any top WR

Filling in the Rest

With the currently released Madden 21 Ultimate Team programs, these are the biggest and most valuable weapons for your Seahawks theme team.

Russell Wilson Madden 21
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ALL ABOARD: Wilson can lead any band of misfit toys to success in MUT 21

But to bring your team onto the gridiron, you'll have to fill it out.

Most of the players currently available for this theme team will fit the bill around 80-83 OVR outside of these top level standout stars.

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If you can't get all of the top tier options, don't stress, simply fill in with the best cheap options.

The process of building a MUT theme team goes for a long time, constantly growing as new players are released. This means your Seahawks Theme Team will likely be a work in progress for its entire lifespan.

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In the meantime, you can take people out with the most legendary players to ever touch the gridiron in Seattle.

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