Madden 21: Weekend League October Monthly Rewards Revealed

Madden 21 Weekend League October monthly rewards have been revealed!

Let's go over what players earned by competing each week in MUT 21.

Weekend League

Madden 21 Weekend League is an important program that pushes players to qualify and compete with higher level competition for big gains.

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TOP TIER: Weekend League puts together the toughest MUT 21 competition to battle it out

For players that qualify for Weekend League, all you'll have to do is pick up some wins for as long as the Weekend League is active.

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This will allow you access to weekly rewards, but if you string together success consistently, you'll qualify for monthly rewards at the start of the next month.

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But it's certainly easier than it sounds.

October Monthly Rewards

MUT 21 Weekend League rages on, and October will be a big month with huge rewards!

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THE SPOILS: These October Monthly Rewards will go out to those with consistent success in the MUT 21 Weekend League

For players that put together a simple 3 to 15 wins, you'll earn Gold Players for your troubles.

Players that take the next step to achieve 27 wins, however, will not only earn their 15 Gold Players, but also 1 Elite Player.

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Players that push 49 wins in Weekend League games across October will be able to crack an 82+ Fantasy Choice Pack.

Those with a whopping 60 wins will get their chance at opening an 86+ Fantasy Choice Pack.

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And finally, those that qualify for the prestigious top 100 of the October Weekend Leagues will get the Fire Fantasy Pack with players up to 87 OVR!

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