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MUT 21: Campus Heroes REVEALED - OVRs, players confirmed, sets, missions & more

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Thanksgiving is behind us and Blitz is now over.

If you got your Kam Chancellor or Tyreek Hill then well done, but there are some other cards coming into the game that will have players rushing to get packs.

Campus Heroes are coming to Ultimate Team!

Campus Heroes release date

These cards are coming into the game today!

They are the Wildcard Wednesday content for this week, which is huge.

Expect them to be in the game around 2pm ET / 7pm GMT. Keep an eye on @MaddenNFLDirect on Twitter for the exact rollout time.

92 OVR cards are coming

The program was revealed overnight, and they used Tim Tebow to announce it to the community.

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This impressive (and a little unrealistic) 92 OVR is an All-Conference version of Tebow. There will also be 82 OVR Underclassmen cards too.

Tebow's 87 speed, 91 throw power, and good accuracy will make him a viable QB for plenty of teams. It also adds another lefty to the mix.

All-Conference vs Underclassmen

You can't just be a walk-on to Campus Heroes. You have to earn it!

The 24 Campus Heroes will have 92 OVR All-Conference cards, but there will be some 82 OVR Underclassmen cards.

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To get the big one, you'll need to 32 Underclassmen to complete the set.

Campus Hero players

So who are the 24 coming in? Here's the full list:

  • Jonathan Vilma - MLB
  • Ken Norton - ROLB
  • David Pollack - ROLB
  • Carlos Rogers - CB
  • Chris Samuels - LT
  • Jeremy Shockey - TE
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  • Matt Stinchcomb - LG
  • Tim Tebow - QB
  • Pat Watkins - FS
  • Vince Wilfork - DT
  • Cadillac Williams - HB
  • Trace Armstrong - LE
  • Cornelius Bennett - LOLB
  • LeRoy Butler - SS
  • Randy Cross - RG
  • Nick Fairley - DT
  • Keyshawn Johnson - WR
  • Maurice Jones-Drew - HB
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  • Matt Leinart - QB
  • Bruce Matthews - C
  • Reggie Nelson - FS
  • Ozzie Newsome - TE
  • Peter Warrick - WR
  • Herschel Walker - HB

There is a 650 training pack for 1 82+ Campus Hero (You can pull a 92 OVR!) in the store too. There should also be some Campus Heroes packs where you can get those 82 OVRs to put in your sets. Hopefully there will be some solo challenges too.

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