Best QB releases in Madden 24

Madden 24

Football is a passing game, and while you can run the ball effectively this year, having the best QB release in Madden 24 is crucial to victory. There's nothing quite like beating a blitz by firing a bullet to your hot read.

Every QB has a slightly different throwing motion, with some taking an age to loop their arm around while others are compact and precise. With how aggressive defenses are, especially in H2H online, getting the ball out fast is incredibly important.

Best QB releases in Madden 24

There are plenty of QBs in Madden 24, and all of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Some might be better at deep passes, while others thrive in short and accurate throws. But the most important thing in a QB is its release.

Before picking your QB in Madden 24, you should first check its release type. Some QBs might have bad attributes but have spectacular releases. In some cases, a great release makes up for the lack of some attributes.

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With one of these five releases, your player will take over the league!

There are plenty of QB release types in Madden 24. These are the best through our testing:

  • Traditional 1
  • Traditional 4
  • Slinger 5
  • Slinger 6

The QBs in Franchise Mode with these releases are Lamar Jackson (Traditional 4), Justin Herbert (Slinger 5), and Matthew Stafford (Slinger 6).

QBs with the best releases in Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in Madden 24 partially because it allows players to use retired legends of the game.

The likes of Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, and Troy Aikman have already landed at the QB position, but which of these icons have the best releases? Here's the list of those that have one of the four best releases in the game:

  • Warren Moon (Slinger 5)
  • Joe Montana (Traditional 1)
  • Andrew Luck (Traditional 4)

Any time a new card for these players drops they will become the best QB in the game.

How to speed up a QB release in Ultimate Team

If your favourite quarterback doesn't have one of these releases you can still speed up their throwing action.

To do that you will need to put the Gunslinger ability on them under the upgrade tab on their card. This is usually found in the third ability slot and will cost around 650 training and 2 AP to activate.

Madden 24 Vick card with gunslinger
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For your QB to be eligible they will need to meet the following threshold:

  • Field General Archetype - 88 Throw Power
  • Strong Arm Archetype - 88 Throw Power
  • Improviser Archetype - 90 Throw Power
  • Scrambler Archetype - 90 Throw Power

You can find your QB's Archetype on the home screen of the card.

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