Madden 24: How to celebrate and taunt

Madden 24

Madden 24

To the joy of football fans worldwide, Madden 24 has finally been released. However, the game launch didn't go as smoothly as expected, with server problems, pre-order issues, and many others.

Plenty of new features were introduced in this Madden edition, and the franchise mode was revamped. Madden 24 gameplay also looks incredible, with the developers delivering the most realistic gameplay ever.

With the gameplay update, also came new celebrations and taunts. NFL players are known for creative celebrations and taunting opponents as they approach the end zone. Celebrations are a vital part of all sports simulations, and that’s why we discuss the topic in this article.

If you are an experienced Madden player, you likely know what you need to do when it comes to celebrations and taunting. However, if you are new to the game, we will teach you how to celebrate and taunt in Madden 24.

How to celebrate in Madden 24

Celebrating after scoring a touchdown is a normal thing to do. Especially if it is a game-changing or game-winning score. Most Madden players already know the celebration controls, since they haven't changed much throughout the years. However, new Madden players will most likely not be familiar with them.

The first thing you need to know about celebrations in Madden 24, is that there are three types. You have individual player celebrations, team celebrations, and taunt celebrations. Inside individual and team celebrations, you also have signature celebrations, which are specific to some players or teams in the game.

So, let's see how to perform each one of the three types of celebrations present in Madden 24.

Individual celebrations

This is the type of celebration you will use the most. It's the easiest to perform, and you have a plethora of different individual celebrations in Madden 24. They can be used to tilt your opponent, get in their head, or just celebrate a crucial touchdown.

To perform an individual celebration, you have to hold down L2 (PS)/LT (Xbox) and move the right stick in the direction of the celebration you want your player to do.

Justin Jefferson's individual celebration in Madden 24
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There are various individual celebrations in Madden 24

Some players will have a signature celebration. As the name indicates, these are exclusive celebrations and only a few players in the game have them. Players such as Patrick Mahomes, Justin Jefferson, and Lamar Jackson are some of them.

Madden 24 team celebrations

Team celebrations allow your whole team to get in on the fun, and celebrate in the end zone together. These celebrations are quite unique and are great to use when you pull off an important play. It's also worth noting that, there are many new team celebrations in Madden 24.

Madden 24 Baltimore Ravens
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Credit: Madden Ratings

To perform a team celebration, you need to press the right stick to the right when your player enters the end zone. This way, your teammates will join you in celebration and perform various funny dances. If you press the right stick to the left, you can do a signature team celebration.

Taunt celebrations

If you want to really annoy your opponent and get in their head, then taunting is the best thing to do. It's not the most sportsmanship thing, but it adds some more emotion and excitement to the game.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed that many NFL players love to taunt their rivals. It's something that is part of the game, especially in big rivalry games. After all, every advantage you can get is welcome. So, if taunting allows you to get on your opponent's head and destabilize them, why not do it?

Madden 24
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To perform a taunt in Madden 24, hold down L2+R2/LT+RT and then press and hold X/A. Your player will start the celebration as he approaches the end zone. If there is a teammate by your side, he will also get in on the taunting.

Even though it can be funny, taunting might come back to haunt you. Make sure not to taunt your rival too early, as it will significantly lower the speed of your player, and the defender will get an opportunity to tackle him. That means you need to choose the right moment for such a celebration, or you’ll be punished.

It's also worth noting that, taunting can unlock some special celebrations. After they enter the end zone, some players will do unique celebrations such as a front flip, the worm, and the army crawl, among many others

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