Madden 20 Ultimate Team: The best Indianapolis Colts cards in MUT – Braden Smith, Peyton Manning, & more

The Colts are close to being a .500 team over their existence but they have had a purple patch since 1995.

Aligned closely to the career of one of the greatest of all time, Peyton Manning, they have been to the playoffs 17 of the last 24 seasons – including a 1-1 record in the big game.

Which of their legends of the Colts will be the ones you need to give your MUT a boost?

Braden Smith (96 OVR)

Braden Smith's 96 OVR TOTY MUT card
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Program: Team of the Year

Position: RT

Auction House Value: Xbox – 380k / PS4 – 386k / PC – Unknown

Picked up in the 2nd round of 2018, Smith is lauded as the best secret in the NFL when it comes to talented young OL. At 6'6", 315 lbs he has established himself as a solid starter in a young talented OL that is the bedrock of a pass-heavy offense.

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94 strength, 93 run block and 93 pass block is just about as good an OL card as you can get. 90 lead block and 92 impact block are the cherries on the cake. Even 81 acceleration is good positionally. This is a fantastic card.

Peyton Manning (95 OVR)

Peyton Manning's 95 OVR NFL 100 MUT card
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Program: NFL 100

Position: QB

Auction House Value: Xbox – 300k / PS4 – 306k / PC - 280k

Almost guaranteed to go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the first year of eligibility, Manning is considered by many to be one of the greatest players of all time. The five-time NFL MVP holds the NFL records for most passing yards and TDs in a season, as well as many others.

95 short accuracy, 94 medium accuracy, and 91 deep accuracy are as you would expect - amazing. 96 play action will sell the run and 93 throw under pressure is needed against a heavy blitzing team. The Omaha X-Factor Superstar ability is also with this card which shows the defensive coverage - a huge huge advantage. This is one of the best cards on MUT if you are OK not having a mobile QB.

Marvin Harrison (95 OVR)

Marvin Harrison's 95 OVR Ghosts of Madden - Past MUT card
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Program: Ghosts of Madden - Past

Position: WR

Auction House Value: Xbox – 285k / PS4 – 276k / PC - 316k

The WR that Peyton Manning was throwing to for most of his time in Indianapolis was Marvin Harrison. Harrison is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame due to being a Super Bowl champion, eight-time Pro Bowler and two-time receiving yards leader. He peaked in 2002 with 1,722 receiving yards and 11 TDs.

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93 speed and 94 acceleration make Harrison a rapid deep threat. 93 catching and short route also make for a decent route runner. 93 medium route and 92 deep route are an unrivaled combination. 87 release is up there but could be a tad higher.

Adam Vinatieri (94 OVR)

Adam Vinatieri's 94 OVR NFL 100 MUT card
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Program: NFL 100

Position: K

Auction House Value: Xbox – 280k / PS4 – 320k / PC – 490k

A legend for both the New England Patriots and the Colts, Vinatieri has four Super Bowls to his name. You can argue he's been on the right teams at the right time but his NFL records are no fluke. The most consecutive field goals made, most career field goals made and most career points have helped his teams to succeed.

92 kick power and 94 kick accuracy are about as good a kicker as you are going to get. There's no need to overcomplicate this, he's the best at the position.

Dwight Freeney (94 OVR)

Dwight Freeney's 94 OVR Legends MUT card
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Program: Legends

Position: RE

Auction House Value: Xbox – 225k / PS4 – 247k / PC - 234k

Taken in the 1st round in 2002 and another member of the same team that Manning and Harrison dominated on, Freeney developed his own pass-rushing moves that others wanted to copy. Super Bowl champion, 7x Pro Bowler and 2004 NFL sacks leader he was consistently good throughout his time with the Colts.

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94 finesse moves are the focus of this card. Only 268 lbs and 82 strength you want to play him as a 4-3 end and not 3-4. 91 pursuit is good but that's the limit of this card in terms of being elite. Only use him on clear pass-rushing downs and get a better run stopper for the rest.

All the best Indianapolis Colts MUT cards

AH Value (Xbox/PS4)  
Braden Smith
Peyton Manning
NFL 100
Marvin Harrison
Ghosts of Madden
Adam Vinatieri
NFL 100
Dwight Freeney
Dallas Clark
Andrew Luck
M20 Tribute
Quenton Nelson
Darius Leonard
Zero Chill
TY Hilton
Signature Series
Kenny Moore II
Football Outsiders
Malik Hooker
MUT Heroes

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The NFL Playoffs are here. We have seen several upsets during Wildcard weekend, as the Houston Texans were the only home team to advance to the Divisional round and that was only thanks to a frantic comeback and some overtime heroics.

With the New England Patriots sent packing by the Tennessee Titans we will see a new Super Bowl champion in February.

To celebrate the playoffs Madden Ultimate Team have dropped a new program of cards: NFL Playoffs.

The top end of this set will be starters in even the best lineups, but even at the lower OVR levels several of these cards can improve on some of the bargain players you have been making the most of.

You can read about the best NFL Playoffs players here.

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