Madden 21 Ratings: Best WR's prediction – Thomas, Jones, Hopkins, Hill & more

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Madden 21 should be hitting shelves soon. And that means Madden 21 ratings are coming.

With a revealed, but not official, release date and some new features hinted at, it looks like EA is looking to make strides with the latest release of its iconic NFL franchise.

EA Play is due in the next couple of weeks, and with it comes the speculation of who the top players in Madden 21 will be.

Wide receivers are always the stars in the NFL. Fans love a flowing passing offense, and Madden players usually lean on their WRs to go up and get the ball.

So who will be the key players that will be able to make plays, even in triple coverage?

Michael Thomas (98 OVR)

The outspoken WR is coming off an offensive player of the year season and has a boatload of reception records in his locker already. He is right on the edge of the 99-club.

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QUANTITY OVER QUALITY: Thomas doesn't make wow plays, but he's always involved

With an NFL record 149 receptions in 2019, and leading the league with 1,725 yards it's hard not to see Thomas as the top receiver in Madden 21 even though he has competition.

DeAndre Hopkins (96 OVR)

A consistently elite performer, Hopkins is always near the top of this list.

In a wild offseason, he has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals but we expect that to make him play even angrier. His 1,100 receiving yard 2019 season was only the 5th highest out of his seven in the league but he is still an unbelievable player with a perfect mix of speed and size.

Julio Jones (96 OVR)

The elite receiver in his nine seasons in the NFL, Jones had led the league in yards in multiple seasons and has an NFL record for career yards per game with 96.2.

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UNSTOPPABLE: Jones never causes issues off the field, but massive ones on it for defenses

In 2019 Jones had 1,394 receiving yards and 6 TDs from just 99 receptions which shows just how dangerous he can be. His speed for a 6ft 3, 220lb receiver is amazing to watch and there should be a place in the hall of fame for him in years to come.

Tyreek Hill (96 OVR)

Despite coming off a Super Bowl win, Hill didn't have the best of seasons in 2019.

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His speed and agility are absolutely deadly, and he showed that with huge plays in the Super Bowl. His 2019 season saw him gain just 58 receptions for 860 yards but he's likely to rate up there again due to his measurables and performance in the Super Bowl.

Davante Adams (94 OVR)

Devante Adams has grown his reputation without having huge stat numbers in his 6 seasons.

In 2019 he had 83 receptions for 997 yards despite some injuries, but he really balled out in the playoffs. Averaging nearly 150 yards a game, he gave his all to the Packers when it mattered. Madden ratings usually remember a decent postseason and expect that to be reflected in his numbers.

Stefon Diggs (93 OVR)

Another offseason trade, Diggs finds himself in the cold of Buffalo looking to cement his reputation as an elite no1 receiver.

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DOLLAR BILLS: Diggs has gone to a new team to be a proper no 1 WR

He had a career-best 2019 season, which put him in the driving seat for his negotiations. With 1,130 receiving yards and 6 TDs he made a statement to the league. He did develop a fumbling problem but this shouldn't hurt his overall too much.

Keenan Allen (92 OVR)

Allen has got his career back on track after a few years of suffering from injuries.

Building on a strong 2018, Allen played his first full season in 2019 and had 104 receptions for 1,199 yards and 6 TDs. Playing on a struggling Chargers team, Allen is one of their brightest stars with a great mix of speed and size.

Mike Evans (92 OVR)

Another NFC South elite receiver, Mike Evans is looking to make a statement in 2020.

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BRADY BUNCH: Evans will want to use his new QB to prove why he should be further up this list

Routinely looked over due to Thomas and Jones, Buccs fans will tell you that Evans should be rated on a level with them. Now he has Tom Brady throwing to him, he has everything he needs to prove it. He had a 1,157 receiving yard season in 2019 despite missing a couple of games and his consistency is one of his strongest assets.

Amari Cooper (90 OVR)

A career hampered by injuries, Cooper has always had talent and 2019 he really shone with the Cowboys.

Playing all 16 games, Cooper registered 1,189 receiving yards and 8 TDs as they just missed out on the playoffs. We fully expect him to be one of the top names in 2020.

Adam Thielen (90 OVR)

Adam Thielen is the reason the Vikings felt OK about letting Diggs leave.

It's a slight risk as Thielen missed a couple of games last season which hurt his stat line. He only managed 30 receptions for 418 yards and 6 TDs. That said, to get that number of TDs from only 30 catches shows just how dangerous he can be. He will find it more difficult not to have Diggs take some attention off him, but his rating should still be up there for launch.

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