Madden 21 Zero Chill REVEALED - Charles Woodson 95 OVR Master is the new best card in MUT 21

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Every year MUT fans get treated to a winter promo and this year is no different.

On a twitch live stream, community manager Kraelo reappeared to announce the latest cards coming out for 'Mutmas'.

Here's what we know about it so far.

Latest News - Madden 21 Zero Chill is LIVE!

Zero Chill has arrived in Madden 21, so it's time to get the grind started!

WINTER PROMO: New missions, currencies and cards
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WINTER PROMO: New missions, currencies and cards

Save the celebrations for when you finally pick up your event goals!

Best Card in MUT 21 - Charles Woodson 95 OVR

The best player in this release looks to be the 95 OVR Charles Woodson.

This is up there as one of the best cards in all of MUT 21.

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There are plenty of amazing WRs and TEs in the game, and you need defensive players than can keep up with them.

This card can do that with any player in the game. At 93 speed and 92 acceleration, he is keeping up with the fastest and most agile players.

Man Cover of 94 is elite, and when teamed with 93 play recognition you get a player that's going to lock down half the field.

Other Highlights

Lamar Jackson

Fans had been desperate to see another big Lamar Jackson card - here it is.

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The 93 speed for a QB is deadly.

But 92 throw power and short accuracy also make him hard to stop in the passing game too. A genuine dual threat.

Deion Jones

The best MUT players user a SS or MLB.

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And an MLB with 92 speed and 91 acceleration is worth his weight in gold.

Jones is a dream user over the middle as he can cover multiple routes at once and react quickly to the play.

His 87 zone cover means if you do go elsewhere as a user you are still in good hands. That would be good for a CB, let alone an LB.

Derrick Henry

Given how he is tearing up the NFL at the moment it's not surprising to see him here with the best Derrick Henry card you can get.

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With over 1,500 yards rushing thru 13 games, he has earned this massive card.

Elite speed combined with 94 carrying and 95 trucking makes him a card everyone will want. He will take four defenders to bring him down.

Other Cards

There are plenty of cards in this promo with a high amount of supporting cast cards.

Highlights include a 93 OVR Marshon Lattimore at CB and Jason Kelce at C.


When are the cards released?

There are multiple phases to the release but the promotion starts on 14th December 2020.

Also, look out for the return of the Ghosts of Madden collection of players out of position that's coming soon.

Note that a lot of the treats and extra sets expire at 8 pm ET on 24th December 2020 - so if playing to unlock, there is a time limit.

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