Madden 22 Roster Update Week 3: Player Ratings Predictions

Week 3 of the NFL has come to a close, which means more Madden 22 roster updates are on the way to shake up ratings!

Here are the players we expect to have a new Madden 22 rating after this week's Madden 22 Roster Update.

Madden 22 Roster Update Predictions after Week 3

Madden 22 ratings are constantly changing based on how players performed this week in the NFL season.

With that in mind, here are our predictions for the biggest winners and losers in the Week 3 Roster Update.

The Winners

If players want their Madden 22 rating to rise, they'll need to show up on gameday.

Here are some of the players we expect to move up in the Week 3 Madden 22 Roster Update.

Matthew Stafford (QB) - Los Angeles Rams - 84 OVR

Matthew Stafford saw a bump to his Madden 22 rating after his Week 1 outing, and can expect another one after his performance on Sunday.

Matthew Stafford in Madden 22
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UNDEFEATED: Matthew Stafford is exactly what the Rams needed

Stafford finished with an incredible 134.0 passer rating after throwing for 343 yards and 4 touchdowns against the former Super Bowl Champions.

We expect Stafford's rating to jump from 84 OVR to 85 OVR for his huge showing.

Justin Tucker (K) - Baltimore Ravens - 87 OVR

We had to include Justin Tucker on our list of players who should see a boost to their overall rating in Madden 22. After all, it's not often you set a new NFL record for the longest field goal - one that decided a close 19-17 win over the Detroit Lions!

Justin Tucker in Madden 22
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66 YARDER: Justin Tucker set the NFL record for the longest field goal on Sunday

Tucker hit a 66-yard field goal to win the game on Sunday and we expect that his Kick Accuracy rating will go from 97 to 98 and his Madden 22 rating to increase from 87 OVR to 88 OVR as a result.

Kirk Cousins (QB) - Minnesota Vikings - 79 OVR

Kirk Cousins has had three incredible weeks through the beginning of the NFL season. However, he hasn't seen any ratings boost yet. After the Week 3 win over the Seattle Seahawks, he definitely will.

Kirk Cousins in Madden 22
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CAPTAIN KIRK: Cousins should definitely see a boost this week

Kirk Cousins led his team to a huge 30-17 win over the Seahawks, throwing for 323 yards and 3 touchdowns. We expect his Madden 22 rating to go from 79 OVR to 80 OVR for his consistent quality.

The Losers

As always, the roster update will also see some players drop in the Madden 22 ratings after disappointing on the gridiron.

Two of these players are rookie quarterbacks that had a brutal outing in Week 3, and expect it to show in Madden 22 this week.

Justin Fields (QB) - Chicago Bears - 74 OVR

The Chicago Bears have many problems that have them down to a 1-2 to start this season. After Fields' performance, the coaching staff is considering all three QB's as potential starters.

Justin Fields in Madden 22
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TOUGH OUTING: Justin Fields had a rough showing in Week 3

Justin Fields was under constant duress and unfortunately finished the game with just 68 yards completing 6/20 to get there. We expect his Awareness Rating will drop and his overall to follow from 74 OVR to 73 OVR.

Marquise Brown (WR) - Baltimore Ravens - 81 OVR

Marquise Brown didn't have the worst game ever, but analysts took notice of his three dropped passes that were guaranteed touchdowns. That's a sure way to see your Madden 22 ratings drop where it counts.

After being targeted seven times, Brown was only able to catch three passes. Considering each of those drops could've cost his team the game, we expect his rating to go from 81 OVR to 80 OVR for the slippery fingers.

Trevor Lawrence (QB) - Jacksonville Jaguars - 76 OVR

Trevor Lawrence's Madden 22 rating already took a skid after Week 2 and we expect another drop is on the way.

Trevor Lawrence in Madden 22
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A TOUGH START: Trevor Lawrence can't seem to get a feel for the offense

For three straight weeks, Trevor Lawrence has seen his Madden Rating go from 78 at launch fall down to 76. After throwing another two interceptions in Week 3, expect a Madden 22 rating adjustment from 76 OVR to 75 OVR.

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