Madden 22 Roster Update: Ratings changes coming after Week 3 of NFL action

Madden 22 is ready for another roster update after Week 3 of NFL action featured some hotly contested matchups.

We've got all the details on when the changes should go live and which player ratings should be on the move in the next Madden 22 roster update.

Latest - Ja'Marr Chase, Byron Murphy, and Logan Wilson get a ratings boost

The full ratings update has still not been released and likely won't be until later this evening at the earliest, but a few names on the rise have been revealed.

In addition to previously learning about Justin Tucker moving into the 99 Club, we now know of three more players getting a ratings boost.

  • Ja'Marr Chase, 77 OVR (+1)
  • Byron Murphy Jr, 83 OVR (+1)
  • Logan Wilson, 78 OVR (+2)

Chase saw his Catching and Deep Route Running boosted to carry him up one point, while Byron Murphy saw his Play Recognition and Zone Coverage on the rise.

Logan Wilson got a boost in Play Recognition, and after a stunning interception this week he got a boost for Spectacular Catch despite being a defensive player.

Justin Tucker joins the 99 Club for a limited time

While we're still waiting on more official ratings to roll in, it looks like one temporary change is now confirmed.

Justin Tucker will join the illustrious 99 Club in Madden 22 for a limited time as he's been boosted to a 99 OVR rating.

The part of this that remains unclear is just how "limited time" this Madden 22 ratings boost is for Justin Tucker.

While he's undeniably the best kicker in Madden 22, and arguably one of the greatest in NFL history, we've got more here on the "limited time" part of this change.

Madden 22 Roster Update: Week 3 Ratings Changes Release Time

Last week, we saw the first string of reveals for the Madden 22 roster update take place on Twitter via The Checkdown.

Those first reveals came at 3:30pm ET, so we can likely expect a similar timing with the first ones arriving this week as well.

Madden 22 week 3 roster update ratings changes
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CHARGING UP: We know Herbert should be getting an upgrade

After giving us a taste of some of the biggest names on the rise in the Week 2 Roster Update, the rest got revealed later in the evening.

The official Madden 22 account on Twitter dropped the rest of the roster update just after 6:30pm ET.

Generally the initial reveals give us some of the most exciting Madden 22 ratings changes, usually connected to exciting moments in NFL games.

The full reveal coming later should link to an updated version of the official Madden 22 Ratings Database, which will contain more details on every player who saw a shift in the Week 3 Roster Update.

Justin Herbert and Casey Hayward could get a Madden 22 ratings boost

While we'd previously outlined Matthew Stafford, Justin Tucker, and Kirk Cousins in our Madden 22 roster update predictions, there are some other names also standing out.

The official Madden 22 account on Twitter has teased a few possibilities, and it started with them calling out Casey Hayward as being on Ratings Watch a full day before his game on Sunday.

That ended up being the right call, as Hayward was on fire in the Raiders narrow victory over the Dolphins, nabbing 4 solo tackles and scoring a safety.

With the Raiders only winning by 3 points, there's no doubt that Hayward's 2-point score was key to making sure they could escape with a victory.

After this week's action settled, the account then hyped up Justin Herbert in a tweet yesterday teasing this week's roster update.

They called out that he's third in the NFL this season on third down, and mentions of his Awareness and Short Throw Accuracy likely mean he'll get ratings boosts to both attributes.

They stopped short of revealing his new OVR rating, but it may end up being one of the first announced when the roster update starts to land.

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