Madden 22 trial extended on Xbox due to timer issues

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Madden 22 has already released via EA Play and the Early Access Trial, but some Xbox users had a world of issues when it came to the 10-hour timer.

After multiple messages about them working on the issue, we've got the latest as EA has revealed their update regarding the Madden 22 trial.

Madden 22 trial extended on Xbox due to timer issues

Following the release of the Madden 22 trial last week, reports started rolling in from Xbox users that their 10-hour timer seemingly ticked down even when they weren't playing the game.

It turned out not to just be a feeling, but in reality the trial timer would continue going after launching the console unless it was fully restarted.

Madden 22 trial
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LIMITED UNLIMITED: Get full access, but only for a few days

After a weekend of "we're working on it" styled messages, there's finally a decisions by EA that will extend access for some on Xbox.

All current EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will have the 10-hour trial timer completely removed for the next few days.

Players will be able to enjoy the Madden 22 trial without interruption until Tuesday, August 17th at 11:59pm ET.

Pre Order Early Access is almost here

The extension gives certain players a little extra time to try things out if the timer issue robbed them of that opportunity, but it's also a chance for some to get even earlier Early Access.

For players who placed a pre order for the Madden 22 MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition, they'll receive Early Access beginning at Midnight ET on August 17, 2021 (11pm CT on August 16, 2021).


That means anyone who has those editions, and also happens to be on Xbox with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play, can essentially start their Madden 22 journey right now without having to stop it.

Madden 22 trial
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KEEP IT GOING: Pre Order to keep the Madden 22 fun rolling

If you haven't yet chosen to pre order Madden 22, you can get an extra discount by purchasing the game from within the Madden 22 trial itself.

With the trial discount, plus a discount for being an EA Play subscriber, you'll get a full 20% off the version of your choice.

On top of getting Early Access, you'll also receive a plethora of in-game bonuses for Madden 22 Ultimate Team, Franchise Mode, and more.

We've got more details here on how to pre order Madden 22 and what kinds of extra bonuses you can look forward to with each edition.

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