Madden 22 Ultimate Team: All Available MUT 22 Heavyweights

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has a big new set that packs a punch, the MUT 22 Heavyweights. This set includes edge rushers, offensive lineman, defensive tackles, all with the power to make an impact in games.

Here are all of the MUT 22 Heavyweights revealed so far as well as their stats and who you should look to bring into your team.

LATEST - Newest Additions to MUT 22 Heavyweights

The latest addition to the MUT 22 Heavyweights is here and all of them have an incredible value that can be brought to your Madden Ultimate Team.

The highest-rated addition is the 90 OVR Center Ryan Kelly who has everything you'll need in a starting center. His pass block rating alone is more than enough to add him to your roster.

Ryan Kelly in Madden 22
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PASS PROTECTOR: Surrender no ground in Madden 22 with Ryan Kelly

Along with Ryan Kelly are four other MUT 22 Heavyweights ready to make an impact:

  • Taylor Moton - RT - 89 OVR
  • Michael Pierce - DT - 89 OVR
  • Ndamukong Suh - RE - 89 OVR
  • Andrew Norwell - LG - 89 OVR

For our deep dive on each of the new additions to the MUT 22 Heavyweights, follow this link. Or you can read on to see the details of the additions.

Release Date

The first sets of Madden 22 Ultimate Team Heavyweights have already arrived - which means you can start your grind to get them on your team now!

EA may give us more Heavyweights over time, but for now, there have been three drops, with the most recent arriving in-game on Wednesday, September 29th.

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All MUT 22 Heavyweights

So far, there are 10 players available in the MUT 22 Heavyweights promo, and any of them could make a great addition to your squad!

Ryan Kelly - C - (90 OVR)

Leading all of the MUT 22 Heavyweights with the highest overall available is Colts Center Ryan Kelly.

Ryan Kelly in Madden 22
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MR.RELIABLE: Ryan Kelly gets the highest overall out of the latest MUT Heavyweights

The 91 Pass Block rating paired with the 90 Pass Block Protection makes Ryan Kelly a great addition to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team, especially if you run a pass-heavy offense.

He's also selling for a pretty penny at the Auction House at 181K.

Taylor Moton - RT - (89 OVR)

If you currently have a lackluster RT on your MUT 22 team, Taylor Moton could be exactly what you need. Coming in at an 89 OVR, his Pass Block rating ties with Ryan Kelly's.

Taylor Moton's MUT 22 card in Madden 22
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AGILE: Add Taylor Moton to your lineup for help along the offensive line

He's got the Agile ability so protecting your quarterback on rollouts will be his forte. Add him to your team if you move around in the pocket as a QB.

The great news is that if you're set at the RT position you can make a quick 165K at the Auction House with Moton.

Michael Pierce - DT - (89 OVR)

Another 89 OVR rating for this defensive powerhouse, Michael Pierce is ready to stuff the run in Madden Ultimate Team.

Michael Pierce in Madden 22
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RUN STUFFER: Add Michael Pierce to your lineup and avoid allowing big runs

His speed might not be the greatest, but the 89 STR and the 90 BKS will definitely help you slow down any rushing offenses in Madden 22.

If you aren't interested in him he goes for an average of 118K in the Auction House right now.

Ndamukong Suh - RE - (89 OVR)

If you're ready to force your opponent into an early MUT 22 retirement, adding Ndamukong Suh is probably your best bet.

Ndamukong Suh in Madden 22
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THE MONSTER: Demolish offensive lines in Madden 22 with Ndamukong Suh

The 90 STR rating paired with his 87 PWM will make Ndamukong Suh a force to be reckoned with in MUT 22 against pass-heavy offenses.

If you aren't interested in having him on your team, you can get up to 146K at the Auction House. He could be worth keeping in case he's added to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team.

Andrew Norwell - LG - (89 OVR)

One of the latest to the MUT 22 Heavyweights is the Jacksonville Jaguars heavyweight Left Guard Andrew Norwell, who has a great Pass Block rating for an LG in pass-heavy teams.

Andrew Norwell in Madden 22
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BIG TIME: Jacksonville Jaguars LG Andrew Norwell rounds out the added MUT 22 Heavyweights

Norwell has a 90 PBK with 89 PBP, but he also has great Run Blocking and Awareness. Out of all the LG's available, Norwell is the best overall fit for your Ultimate Team.

Montez Sweat (89 OVR)

Montez Sweat was the first MUT 22 Heavyweight at 89 OVR, and is a monster for any Ultimate Team squad as an edge rusher.

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Montez Sweat is a Speed Rusher, but hits like a heavyweight with 88 Hit Power.

This is a deadly combination that will mean Sweat will be highly sought after in early MUT this year (and any Washington Redskins/Football Team theme teams down the line).

Jack Conklin (88 OVR)

If you're looking to upgrade your protection up front in Ultimate Team, Conklin is a great addition to your roster.

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Conklin is a monster of a RT, and with a great mix of passing and run blocking, is a slot in for any system and Madden 22 playbook.

Brandon Williams (88 OVR)

For those looking to put a lot of pressure on from the front, Brandon Williams is your guy in MUT 22.

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A whopping 88 Block Shedding and 90 Strength fuel Williams to be a threat lining up across from any offensive lineman in MUT 22 today.

Rodger Saffold III (88 OVR)

To help keep out dangers like Brandon Williams, strengthen your offensive line core with Rodger Saffold III!

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Saffold has a very balanced skillset with 91 Run Block and 88 Pass Block, and has just enough in the right areas to make it a tough day for defenders looking to get to the backfield. He'll fit any roster you stick him in.

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Quinton Spain (88 OVR)

To round out the MUT 22 Heavyweights so far, we have another powerful offensive lineman, Quinton Spain.

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Quinton Spain is a great slot-in at RG with the power to move defenders around for the run game or brick wall out defenders for the pass game.

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