Madden 23 Mobile: Release Date, First Looks and Latest News

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We've got some great news for players excited for Madden 23 Mobile as the first news of the game has been released.

From MM23 cash to all of the player updates, we've got everything that was revealed by EA. Let's get you ready to take over the gridiron on mobile.

Madden 23 Mobile Release Date

Announced today, Madden 23 Mobile has an anticipated release date of August 18th, 2022. This was via the Gridiron Notes for the mobile game.

It's also said in the notes that there will be more news released as we approach the release date. The good news is we've already learned a few things.

Madden 23 Mobile
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MADDEN 23 MOBILE: The release date for the game is just around the corner

There are a few ways that you can stay updated with all of the news for Madden 23 Mobile. One way is by following the official Twitter account.

The other is by watching the Madden Mobile streams on Twitch. The first stream is set for Wednesday, July 6. EA does weekly live streams detailing news surrounding the game.

Updates to Madden 23 Mobile

There are a few things that you'll need to keep in mind when playing Madden 23 Mobile. It starts with the player updates for the upcoming season.

Every MM22 player’s OVR will be updated to the new MM23 OVR tuning, you can expect to see these changes on launch day.

You can check out a bit of the gameplay above from Madden 22 Mobile, we expect to see a few gameplay updates as well.

Here are the Madden 23 Mobile Gridiron Notes:

Madden Cash

  • All Madden Cash from MM22 will be kept for MM23

MM22 Players

  • All MM22 players, Uncommon or better, will roll over to MM23
  • All MM22 players can be used in your MM23 lineup

MM22 Player Updates

  • Every MM22 player’s OVR will be updated to the new MM23 OVR tuning
  • All updated MM22 Iconics (Base, Elite, Marvel) players will all be converted into a single Iconic rarity with escalating starting OVRs based on their previous tier
  • Levels on MM22 players will influence the level of the player in MM23

MM22 Player Ranks

  • Ranks on MM22 players will result in progress toward new MM23 players
  • The more ranks an individual MM22 player has, the more it will count towards earning MM23 players

MM22 Players = Accelerated MM23 Progress

  • MM22 players can be traded in for MM23 player packs & resources

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