Madden 23 could be closer than ever to a Nintendo Switch debut

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Madden 23 is ready to honor the late namesake with John Madden on the cover, but a debut on Nintendo Switch is less certain.

Here's everything we know so far about whether Madden 23 will be released on Nintendo Switch and how the franchise's return to that platform is looking.

Will Madden 23 be on Nintendo Switch?

Each year we get a new release brings renewed questions about whether long ignored platforms will finally join the club for Madden 23.

Unfortunately, Madden 23 was announced in early June and Nintendo Switch was not among the confirmed platforms for this year's release.

As of now, the official Madden 23 release date is Friday, August 19, 2022, and the versions launching then will not include Nintendo Switch.

Madden 23 Nintendo Switch
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SKILL BASED PASSING: FieldSENSE has revamped much of Madden 23

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While it's been years since Madden 13 made the last Nintendo appearance for the series, hopes have been high as other franchises have jumped to Switch.

NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K22 both released on Nintendo Switch despite feature differences between those versions and new gen editions on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

MLB The Show 22 also made a big leap this year by taking that franchise to Nintendo Switch for the first time only one year after ending their PlayStation exclusivity by going to Xbox.

On top of that, EA is no stranger to the space with FIFA 22 Legacy Edition and other EA titles like Apex Legends and Knockout City having a Switch presence.

When will Madden return to Nintendo?

While it looks extremely unlikely at this point that Madden 23 will be released on Nintendo Switch, there are signs of hope for next year.

According to Twitter account Madden 23 Leaks, there's currently a deal in the works to get Madden 24 on Nintendo Switch.

The same account also reported that progress was made on the crossplay front with most companies on board, but they're still sorting out concerns about server connection.

While these are unconfirmed reports at this time, any truth in each would signal that some of these long-term issues with Madden are in the process of being addressed.

One big question mark for that remains the gameplay system itself, as they've revamped things on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 this year with FieldSENSE.

The new features are a definite upgrade, but their exclusion from past gen platforms leaves a gameplay gap for many players.


It's possible that when moves like crossplay and additional platforms such as Nintendo Switch are made, they'll be gated by generation with crossplay only working between specific platforms.

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