Madden 23 Ratings Adjustor debunks leaked 99 Club lists after Trent Williams reveal

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Madden 23 ratings are always a hot topic each year, and several potential leaks have dominated that conversation in recent weeks.

With the first 99 Club reveal now official, we've got details on the Head Madden 23 Ratings Adjustor now addressing earlier leaks.

Madden 23 Leaks draws fire weeks after supposed 99 Club list

The road to Madden 23 is already underway, but we're still waiting on tons of major details about ratings and more.

However, some of those seemed to arrive far earlier than expected as the Twitter account @Madden23Leaks went live only a few months ago and claimed to have vast Madden 23 ratings details.

Madden 23 Ratings Leaks
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The account's bio claimed they had a connection with EA development and received the "EA Player Rating Metric Code c++" which was then filtered and sorted "with abto and pipefly software."

As unconfirmed leaks the opinions on these reports have been mixed, though the account itself has posted emails allegedly received by EA Communications to lend credibility to their leaks.

They continued to leak supposed ratings despite this, and things really took off with a leaked Madden 23 99 Club list on May 30 featuring the following players:

  • Patrick Mahomes (QB)
  • Davante Adams (WR)
  • Cooper Kupp (WR)
  • Aaron Donald (DT)
  • Myles Garret (DE)
  • TJ Watt (LB)

However, that leak was missing Trent Williams who has now been confirmed as the first official member of the 99 Club in Madden 23.

Minutes after that news, the leaks account reported that Madden 23 player ratings had only then been officially finalized, arguing that changes had been made from the list they acquired.

Madden 23 Ratings Adjustor debunks leaks following Trent Williams reveal

In a surprising move, Head EA Madden Ratings Adjustor and EA Associate Producer Dustin Smith actually addressed those leaks.

Following the official reveal, Smith quote tweeted the original list posted on May 30 and said "good to see this is already proving itself wrong."


Moments later, Smith followed up by quote tweeting the new list posted by @Madden23Leaks which they reported to now be accurate following final adjustments.

We've seen no official comment from EA about the leaks or any additional follow-ups as of yet by Smith, and the leaks account has mostly been attacking EA over the quality of their games since these interactions took place.

At this point, it's still possible that the account did have a legitimate early Madden 23 ratings list that hadn't been finalized or updated ahead of launch.

However, if more Madden 23 ratings arrive in conflict with their reporting, it would lend credibility to those who believe the leaks were not coming from a legitimate source.

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