Madden 24: Everything you need to know

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Super Bowl LVII is well behind us and the Draft is over, so all attention now turns to Madden 24. With the last game being another disappointing entry in the series, can EA turn one of their flagship titles around?

EA knows they have work to do to win over the community and reverse some of the trends that have been all too prevalent in recent years. We hope they can, and Madden 24 seems the perfect place to do it.

Ahead of the new game, take a look at all the latest news surrounding the upcoming title, including the release date and predictions for the cover athlete.

When will Madden 24 be announced?

EA is yet to announce Madden 24, but we know it's coming. Exact details should be announced in the middle of June 2023, as this has consistently been when EA Sports makes a big splash with their NFL game.

This should include the release date and cover athlete news, but perhaps not much else. The first Madden 24 trailer is expected in June, so we should get news soon.

Madden 24 release date prediction

The longtime annual release of Madden hasn't missed a year in decades, with Madden 24 expected to drop as the next NFL season approaches.

The Madden franchise has followed a pretty strict routine the last couple of years. Both Madden 22 and Madden 23 released on the third Friday of August, so we can reasonably expect EA to maintain this position in the gaming calendar.

Jalen Hurts dropping back to pass in Madden 23
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DROP BACK - EA Sports is already getting ready for the next instalment

That would place the Madden 24 release date on Friday, 18 August. Of course nothing is official just yet, but players would be wise to circle that date in their calendars.

Early access

As with every sports game these days, players should expect Madden 24 to release with a higher edition that will provide three days early access to the game. That would let players get started from Tuesday 15 August if our release date prediction is correct.

Naturally, that edition would cost more, but is also likely to come with a few MUT packs and vanity items.

Cover athlete predictions

After John Madden graced the cover Madden 23 following his passing, this year the game should get back to a high-profile quarterback. Madden 19 was the last game not to feature a QB on the cover, with Antonio Brown getting the spot.

That has since aged rather poorly, so we expect another QB to follow Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Madden 22's Tom Brady-Mahomes combo. But who could it be the Madden 24 cover athlete?

Madden 24 Tyreek Hill
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It's unlikely that Mahomes would get another one despite winning the Super Bowl in February. Instead, our pick would be either Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen. Both are Mahomes' rivals and have been making their own mark on the league. If it wasn't to be a QB then it seems like a great time to honour Aaron Donald who is rumoured to be on the verge of retirement.

Other candidates are Tyreek Hill, Justin Jefferson, and Derrick Henry.

Madden 24 changes

According to many reports, Madden 24 will make major changes, with plenty of people saying it can make or break the Madden franchise.

The game will reportedly focus mostly on the single-player and offline modes, making major improvements. It will try to provide players with the best gaming experience possible.

Franchise mode has been left behind for years, and could now be prioritized. Fixing the database issue that has plagued the game mode for quite some time, and improving the contract management feature, are two of the developers' priorities for Madden 24.

Madden NFL 24 Franchise mode
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The title has been the only NFL game for years, having a stronghold over the market. In the opinion of many fans, the lack of competition led to a slow decline in the game quality.

After an update of Madden 23 made many players lose their Franchise mode saves, EA was met with heavy backlash from the community. To once again fall in the good graces of the Madden community, EA will have to deliver a groundbreaking game in Madden 24.

Improvements to Ultimate Team are also needed. With late and delayed programs, broken pack odds, and glitched rewards a constant problem.


Engine update

Madden has been on the Frostbite engine since Madden 18 back in August 2017. That was just a year after the PS4 Pro was released, and with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S now well into their cycle Madden is starting to show its age.

With janky physics and inconsistent player movement, Madden fans are begging for an update. Unfortunately like many games at the moment, until Madden leaves behind the PS4 & Xbox One platforms it is very unlikely that a big step in gameplay engine will be made.