Apex Legends Code:Truck Error - How to Fix It

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Apex Legends players have begun running into a nasty new error, Code:Truck, that is preventing them from logging in.

Here's what we know so far about the error, and how to fix it.

Apex Legends Code:Truck Error

If you're struggling to log into Apex Legends and receiving the error "Out of Sync with Server Code:Truck", you aren't alone.

Apex Legends Error Code Truck out of sync with server 1
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LOG IN DENIED: Players are struggling to log in with the code:truck error

The Apex Legends Code:Truck error code is stopping thousands of players from getting into the game.


While we don't fully understand it yet, we believe it is connected to the Apex Legends servers after a small update went out on 1 December.

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The error is effecting players that were previously playing the game today as much as its effective players logging in for the first time in weeks.

Some players have been able to log in after receiving the error, only for games to disconnect, while others can't log in at all.

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So what is this new error, and how can players get past it?

How to Fix It

While we don't have a surefire fix for the problem, we do have some options that have worked for some players.

Apex Legends Key Art 4
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WHAT COULD GO WRONG?: After a small update earlier today, a new error is preventing players from playing the game at all

Our first suggestion is to verify your game files within Steam.

This will take some time, but has worked for some players, allowing them to log in even after receiving the out of sync with server code:truck error.

apex legends horizon min
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ACTUAL FOOTAGE: Horizon is on the case, solving the error for EA

Another suggestion is to close the game on Steam and then open it on Origin, before returning to Steam once more.

If these two fixes fail, it's likely you'll have to wait for EA to release a new update fixing the error, which began after a small update earlier today.