Leaks Point to New Call of Duty Zombies Game Mode

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Call of Duty Zombies has expanded to a brand new map in Firebase Z, but according to new leaks, that isn't all that's coming.

A new Call of Duty Zombies game mode, Outbreak, has been supposedly leaked.

According to these leaks, it'll introduce Open World gameplay to COD Zombies.

Here's what we know so far.

Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak

According to leaks, Call of Duty Zombies has a new game mode on the way, Outbreak.

Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak Game Mode Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z
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YOU CAN RUN...: Call of Duty Zombies in the open world would make for very exciting gameplay

These leaks come from Okami, who has previously accurately leaked video game news, but should be treated as rumors with a grain of salt.

Still, if these rumors are true, and Outbreak is coming, it already sounds amazing.

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According to the rumors, Outbreak would break the formula for Call of Duty Zombies, where maps are cyclical with a few open spaces to take up positions (before unlocking more pieces of the map to do the same).

Call of Duty Outbreak Zombies Game Mode Open World
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FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Outbreak would open new doors for COD Zombies

Outbreak would instead incorporate more of an Open World feel which would be incredibly freeing for Zombies.

While we lack specifics, our imaginations are in full swing at the possibilities.

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What's Next in Black Ops Cold War?

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is just coming off the successful launch of new Zombies map Firebase Z.

Call of Duty Season 2 Black Ops Cold War Warzone Modern Warfare Maps Guns Game Modes Zombies
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TOP TO BOTTOM: Season One brought tons of new content, and Call of Duty Season Two should follow suit

After finally releasing its Easter Egg, players have put themselves to the test on Firebase Z, fighting off hordes of zombies will learning all of the tricks the map offers.

With this recent release, any future prospects for the Outbreak game mode seem far off.

Soon, however, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War does have plenty of new content coming.


This includes the beginning of Season 2 which will come in late February, and inject a ton of new content to shake things up.

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