Cricket 24 Review: A promising innings

cricket 24

cricket 24

With the Cricket World Cup up and running what better time to dive into Cricket 24. The latest game from Big Ant Studios has a lot of official licenses for players, teams, leagues, and stadiums but can it deliver the same thrills as other sports games?

We've been lucky enough to dive into Cricket 24, so is it an unbeaten ton or a golden duck? Let's take a look!

Review conducted on PS5, review copy provided by publisher

Basic strokes

The first thing you notice about Cricket 24 is that it's a very basic game. From its menus to its graphics, nothing stands out. It hardly looks like a modern sports game, instead having more of a PS3 vibe.

Cricket 24
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There are very limited character models, shaky movement controls, and left-arm spin bowlers that break the laws of human anatomy. Fielding and running between the wickets is an especially treacherous thing.

However, once you adjust to the old-school graphics and get into the game itself, it stands up surprisingly well.

Slick gameplay

Once you get to the crease or pick up the ball this game comes alive. The Cricket 24 controls are complex but reward you for precision, patience, and timing. The balance between bowlers and batters is a brilliant one that will constantly have you on the edge of your seat.

Cricket 24
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While we are yet to master the art of bowling, with the bat things came pretty naturally. The game rewards consistency and precision and absolutely punishes players who are impatient. If you constantly dance down the wicket or go for yorkers you will be in for a tough time. Instead, a range of shots and balls are needed to have success.

Yes, fielding is a bit clunky, with players making prophetic dives and taking odd angles to the ball but the flow of the sport is translated well in Cricket 24. You get the frenetic play of T20 and the ebb of a Test.

Career mode

Cricket 24's career mode is one of the most barebones modes you'll ever find. We started as a 17 OVR batter, yes, 17 OVR, in the lowest tier of English cricket. Life as a low OVR batter is not great. It's a fun challenge, but you don't exactly have much power and poise.

Cricket 24 career mode
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Outside of trying to get yourself into the national team eventually, that's about it. There are some perks and a bit of development, but there isn't a lot to sink your teeth into.


For all its shortfalls as a game, we have really enjoyed playing Cricket 24. It is by no means the smoothest or most visually impressive sports title of the year, but Cricket 24 really delivers.

While it is a very barebones experience in the clubhouse, when at the crease the game is engrossing.

A brilliant experience with bat and ball let down by clunky fielding and one of the thinnest career modes around. If you just want to play cricket though, this is an excellent option!
7 out of 10
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