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EA Sports and EA Games split ahead of new era launch

EA Mbappe Star Wars

Whether they're releasing the next big AAA game of the summer or drilling down into the details of a major sporting franchise, EA is quickly becoming the biggest developer in gaming.

With so many impressive strings to their bow, and with a new era around the corner, it's an exciting time to be gazing upon Electronic Arts.

Now, with so many new releases on the horizon, EA has made the bold move to split EA Sports and EA Games, with an internal reshuffle being actioned.

From reasonings to potential pitfalls, we've got you covered for everything you need to know about the split and what it means for both camps.

EA Sports and EA Games Split

EA CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that EA's major gaming studios, EA Sports and EA Games are undergoing a major change in order to give the creative teams further license to breathe.

"We’re building the future of interactive entertainment on a foundation of legendary franchises and innovative new experiences, which represents massive opportunities for growth" Wilson added.

The main change will see EA Games be rebranded to become EA Entertainment, with EA Sports retaining its name.

EA Sports FC 24
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NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 launches in 2023

The change in name for EA Games could potentially indicate EA's intention to branch out into wider entertainment, but we'll come onto that later...

This change in structure permits a further spread of creativity across the board, with an unsurprising focus on the sports side likely to be given to the upcoming launch of EA Sports FC 24 and subsequent releases.

With FIFA 23 offering major profits for EA, they'll want to do everything in their power to ensure EA FC is a rousing success.

EA Entertainment

An interesting nugget of information from this news is the fact that EA Games is becoming EA Entertainment.

For some time, EA has been making noises about branching further afield than simply gaming, with CEO Wilson supporting this hunch with this quote on "building the future of interactive entertainment."

In fact, we can look to EA's new sponsorship deal with La Liga to offer some hints as to what this could all mean.

EA Star Wars
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CHANGE IN THE FORCE - EA Games will be rebranded as EA Entertainment

When that deal was announced, David Jackson, VP of Brand for EA Sports FC said:

"The visible reach and scale of this partnership is deeply exciting, as is the opportunity to deliver incredible experiences for fans through in-game innovation, interactive entertainment, and grassroots initiatives"

This new deal was the first sign from the sports side that EA was branching into a new kind of entertainment, and this could be reflected in their ambitions for EA Games.

A lot remains to be seen as to where EA go next, but we're no doubt that their ambitions and goals are set incredibly high.

Signals for a New Era

What does this all mean for EA Sports FC 24? Not a lot.

The restructure has come so late in that game's development process that any potential impact is unlikely to be felt.

EA Sports FC
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FRESH START - EA Sports FC 24's launch won't be affected by these changes

Instead, we could see a large effect from EA Sports FC 25 and onwards, with a more dedicated structure giving light to even finer details.

One thing is for sure, EA is placing itself at the centre of modern gaming and entertainment and its momentum doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.

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