How to Unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever
Credit: YouTube NoSleeves

If you want to add a legendary pro wrestler to your collection, then you should read this article as here you will find a guide on how to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever. This fighter is really famous and there are many players who would like to play him.

The sequence of actions that triggers the right storyline is a bit complicated, and now we will explain to you how exactly you can unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever.

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How to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever

Well, there’s only one way to unlock Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever and that’s defeating him. So, you will have to trigger a certain storyline related to the Dark Order. Follow the next steps and you should be able to successfully find Brodie Lee:

Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever
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Credit: YouTube NoSleeves
  • Start a new Road to Elite playthrough
  • Complete the first chapter with a few losses and victories. For example, you can try to win the Battle Royal match in Prologue but lose to Chris Jericho
  • The storyline that you need to trigger is called “Block 2B – Join The Dark Order”. It seems that Cody Rhodes, Sammy Guevara, and Britt Baker are able to increase your chances of getting this exact block
  • If the Dark Order storyline is triggered, John Silver will ask you to join the Dark Order. You can say “yes” or “no" and then continue your playthrough
  • At the end of this storyline, you will have to fight Brodie Lee
  • Defeat him
  • After that, Brodie Lee will be available in the shop. You will be able to buy him for 30,000 Credits

Brodie Lee is not a difficult boss and fortunately, he can be encountered in the second chapter. So, even if you fail, you still will be able to start a new playthrough and it won’t take you long to get to him again. Good luck fighting Brodie Lee in AEW Fight Forever!

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