How to Unlock Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever

Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever
Credit: YouTube BladesGTS

There are many pro wrestlers that you can play in this game and numerous gamers would like to know how to unlock Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever. Unfortunately, he is not free and you will have to pay with your money if you want to get him.

However, it seems that simply unlocking Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever is not enough. You will also need to know how to equip this skin, and today we will tell you how to do it.

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How to unlock Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever

Matt Hardy and his Broken skin can be obtained by purchasing AEW Fight Forever Elite Edition.

Broken Matt Hardy in AEW Fight Forever
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Credit: YouTube BladesGTS

This gives you not only this pro wrestler but also a Season Pass. So, if you want to play Matt Hardy, you will have to purchase him with your money. The Broken Matt Hardy skin comes in the same pack as the wrestler himself.

How to equip the Broken Matt Hardy skin in AEW Fight Forever

As we already mentioned, it’s not enough just to purchase the skin. You will have to equip it on your Matt Hardy, which is quite a complicated procedure. Here’s a list of steps you need to follow to use this cosmetic:

  • Open the Custom menu
  • Click on the Modify Wrestler button
  • Find Matt Hardy in the list of available wrestlers
  • Select Matt Hardy
  • Click on the New Preset button
  • Click on Preset 1 or make a new Preset and click on it
  • Open the Attire Settings menu
  • Choose the Broken Matt Hardy skin for this preset
  • Finalize your presets
  • Start any match where you can play Matt Hardy
  • Select Matt Hardy
  • Open the Options menu. This can be done before you accept the selected character
  • In the Options menu, you can change your preset. Choose the one with the Broken Matt Hardy skin
  • Enjoy the look of your new cosmetic!

Matt Hardy is a cool wrestler and we highly recommend you give him a try if you have the Elite Edition. Use the instructions above to equip him with the Broken skin and make your look more outstanding!

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