NHL 21 Update Patch Notes: Emergency Update Fixes Franchise Mode

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NHL 21's newest update is now live on Xbox and Playstation, which is an emergency hotfix for Franchise Mode.

Let's go into what this patch fixes for the game mode.

Patch Notes

The newest NHL 21 update patch notes is incredibly brief, as this is essentially a hotfix for a massive issue in Franchise Mode.

NHL 21 Stanley Cup
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THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN: You can return to reaching for the top in Franchise Mode after the newest NHL 21 update

Still, it's an important update that players will be very glad to see.

Franchise Mode

NHL 21 Franchise Mode players have run into a frustrating issue in the game mode that has prevented normal play. This new NHL 21 update finally addresses it so that players can enjoy the game mode.

NHL 21 Patch 1 2 Ottawa Senators Jerseys
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HIT THE ICE: New jerseys are here, and you can see them in-action in Franchise Mode without the edit lines bug

This issue arises when players try to substitute in all lines from the Edit Lines screen in Franchise Mode, preventing them from doing so and causing freezing.

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While this is one of many bugs players are taking to social media to voice, it's a big one for EA to nail with this emergency update.

What's Next?

Players have reported several other bugs that we expect EA will address in the near future for NHL 21.

NHL 21 Update Gameplay Svech
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SURPRISE!: NHL 21 could come out with more gameplay improvement updates after this small patch

This includes some skating glitches in HUT, incorrect icing calls, and black screen issues during penalties.

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While this new NHL 21 update is a brief hotfix, the next patch might not be far off to address other gameplay concerns.

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