Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Charizard Tera Raids - event schedule, counters, mightiest mark & more

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Charizard is the first 7-star Pokemon featured in Scarlet and Violet
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now here and players all across the world are exploring this newest generation of games for all they have, travelling the Paldea region and collecting all of the available Pokemon.

It wouldn't be a new generation, however, without the golden boy of the original 151 to make his scheduled appearance, with Charizard set to be the first Pokemon featured in the game's 7-star tera raids.


The toughest challenge currently available in the game, players must properly prepare themselves for battle in order to conquer the popular starter for themselves and their own collection.

Charizard Tera Raid Event Schedule

A look at the upcoming schedule for the Charizard Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Charizard 7-star Tera Raids will be split across two weekends in December, giving players ample opportunity to hop on and catch their own special Charizard to add to their collection.

The first weekend for this upcoming event begins on Friday, 2nd December 2022 at 00:00 GMT and will finish on Monday, 5th December 2022 at 00:00 GMT

The second of these events begin on Friday, 16th December 2022 at 00:00 and runs until Monday, December 19th at 00:00 GMT.

During these time periods, Charizard with a Dragon tera-type will be available in unique 7-star raids and can be battled in teams of four and caught once defeated.


Best Charizard Raid Counters

Dachsbun will be one of the best counters for Charizard in the 7-star raids due to its fairy typing and powerful ability.

The main counter for the 7-star Charizard raid will be the fairy-type Pokemon of generation nine known as Dachsbun. This solo Fairy-type will be the Pokemon of choice for multiple reasons, namely fairy's stregnth against Charizard's Dragon tera type as well as its "Well-Baked Body" which negates fire-type attacks and turns them into a defensive boost, limiting the attacks that Charizard can use drastically.

The best Daschsbun should have the following traits have the following traits:

  • Ability: Well-Baked Body
  • EVs: 252 Attack / 252 Speed
  • Adamant Nature
  • Move 1: Yawn (if you're hosting) OR Helping Hand (If you're joining)
  • Move 2: Howl
  • Move 3: Play Rough
  • Move 4: Charm

The other main option for this battle will be the current meta Pokemon of Azumarill with Huge Power as its ability. Much like Dachsbun, Azumarill has resistance to both Dragon and Fire but unlike Dachsbun, Azumarrill's resistance is through typing alone, meaning it won't lose any if abilities are negated during the battle.


These are all still unconfirmed right now but your safe bet will be getting Azumarill with Huge Power as it is the main Pokemon used in raids currently.

What is The Mightiest Mark?

Marks have made their return in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

First being introduced in the generation eight games of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, marks have made their return for generation nine and the 7-star Tera Raid Charizard will be using these marks to signify their importance.

The Mightiest mark is a brand new mark introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to signify the 7-star tera raids and will be featured on any Charizard caught through the process of completing one of these raids.