EA SPORTS Tactical Football - All you need to know about the new mobile game

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EA has developed a brand-new mobile game 'Tactical Football' to offer a new gaming experience to football fans.

The title is a turn-based strategy game as you look to outwit your opponent with your tactical nous.

What is Tactical Football?

Google Play has summarised the game in their store, and stated the following:

A fresh new turn-based experience that no longer requires real-time reaction and endless practice.
Build your Ultimate Team with players you like, analyze the field, strategize your moves, and have heated matches with other players!
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IN THE MOMENT - Choose what your players do next
Take part in time-limited matches and Drills that allow you to gain valuable training experience to level up your players and team.
Teach your players new skill moves and stun your opponents on the field.
Watch these skill moves in dynamic cut-scenes triggered by your strtegic play.

By the looks of it, we can expect a cross between FIFA Mobile, Ultimate Team, and Football Manager!

Release Date

A beta version of Tactical Football on Android was officially released on Friday, 27 May.

There is no official release date for Tactical Football just yet, but pre-registrations are already underway.

This should mean that, if everything goes smoothly, a release date should not be far away.


If you are an Android user, you can pre-register for Tactical Football through Google Play.

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BRAND-NEW - Tactical Football looks set to offer fans something different

Doing this should allow you early access when the game is released.

Game Modes

The following PvP game modes are listed on Google Play:

  • Rank Match: Compete with players in real time and try to be No. 1!
  • League Match: Get together with up to 19 other players and have matches between players!
  • Friendly Match: Play against friends or Guild Members at any time!
  • Quick Match: Compete with a team you prepare. Even beginners can enjoy this!


The following gameplay notes are available on Google Play, highlighting the new turn-based experience:

  • Dribble past defenders with stylish skill moves, execute a clinical accuracy pass, and blast a powerful shot into the net. Make these exciting moments with a simple yet thoughtful press of a button.
  • Immersive football gameplay with a close-up camera following the actions you take.
  • Train, evolve, pick up new skills, and manage your favorite football stars to strengthen your Team

Check out the trailer below to get a feel for the game:


So far the game just contains players from the Premier League, with over 600 featuring.

tactical football liverpool
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SUPERSTARS - Over 600 Premier League stars will feature in Tactical Football

Authentic teams will also feature, although it is unclear as to whether teams from outside the Premier League will be included just yet.

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