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Tour de France 2022 Race of the Moment: Compete against other players in new game mode

Tour de France 2022 will soon be upon us, bringing top cycling action to get stuck into.

With 14,000km of racing across 92 cycling stages in four different countries, it is set to be the biggest release so far - and it's about to get bigger!

A new Race of the Moment game mode is being introduced, so find out all you need to know about the competitive format below.

Race of the Moment

If you're after some more competition in Tour de France 2022, look no further than the new Race of the Moment game mode.

Each week, players will be presented with a new varying challenge, which could involve:

  • Taking control of a specific team
  • Trying to reach a certain goal
  • Aiming to score the most points in a mountain stage
  • Top the rankings

Your weekly performance will be recorded on an online leaderboard, letting you compare your results to others and try to become the best each week.

Players will be awarded bonus points according to their ranking, and these points will count toward the monthly and yearly ranking, with badges awarded to indicate the best result.

The difficulty is the same for every competitor in this mode, as it will not be possible to save in the middle of a stage or to bring in replacements. Players must therefore develop the best strategy in order to beat their competitors.

Release Date

Tour de France 2022 is set for release on Thursday, 9 June, alongside Pro Cycling Manager 2022.

The first races that will count for the annual Race of the Moment ranking will begin on Friday, 1 July, the start date for the Grand Boucle.


WATCH the official announcement trailer for Tour de France 2022 below:

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