WWE 2K20: Complete controls guide (Tag, Ladder, Royal Rumble, Weapons, Cage, Hell in a Cell) - PS4, Xbox One, & PC

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WWE 2K20 is here at last, and after a few years of having the same controller layout, 2K have mixed things up this year and both streamlined and simplified the controls.

That said, you can still do everything you could before, but
now there are different ways of doing it, especially for special moves and

So if you want to dominate inside the ring and claim title
after title, you will need this comprehensive controls guide or you run the
risk of getting stuck in a cage or the bottom of a ladder.


Standard Controls

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THE BASICS: The normal controls have changed, so be ready

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
RunHold LTHold L2
Exit ring to apronRBR1
Exit ring to floorHold RBHold R1
Enter ringLS + LTLS + L2
Carry opponentRS + RTRS + R2
PaybackRT + Y
Irish Whip/PinBO
Strong Irish WhipHold B Hold O
Normal StrikeX ■
Strong StrikeHold X ■
Medium GrappleAX
Strong GrappleHold AHold X
SubmissionHold RT + Hold X ■
Signature/FinisherX + A ■ + X

A lot has changed from last year. The most important things
to remember from the off is that reversal is now Y/▲ and your signatures &
finishers are now triggered by X+A/■+X.

It will take some time to make these controls automatic and
you’ll spend some time taking offense and frustratingly hitting RT/R2 to
reverse. However, once you get used to the change the timings of the reversal
are pretty similar.

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After that things are fairly simple. Striking and grappling are the same as before, as are movement controls and irish whips.

Advanced Controls

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
Wake Up TauntD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Taunt CrowdD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Taunt OpponentD-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Toggle sig/finisherD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Pick Up ObjectLBL1
Climb FurtherHold RBHold R1
OMG!Y + B▲ + O
Leverage PinHold RT + BHold R2 + O
Ground Limb TargetHold RT + XHold R2 + ■
Alternate Signature/FinisherHold RT + X + AHold R2 + ■ + X
Re-Position OpponentRSRS
Display Current TargetMenu ButtonShare Button
Change TargetPress RSPress RS
Toggle PaybackPress LSPress LS

To go beyond the basics is quite easy. Everyone wants to
taunt, grab objects, and target limbs to soften up their opponents.

These controls are pretty easy to grasp and aren’t overly different from last year. The key ones are ground limb target (Hold RT + X/Hold R2 + ■), especially for submission masters, and the OMG! (Y + B/▲+ O) for those huge dives and cage/table/ladder breaking moments.

Tag Team Controls

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
Tag in/outLBL1
Double team moveWhip opponent into team corner, then LS + AWhip opponent into team corner, then LS + X
Tag finisherWhip opponent into team corner, then X+ AWhip opponent into team corner, then ■ + X

Tag team controls have not changed, so you can still execute tag team moves and most importantly those tag finishers, in the same way as before.

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Ladder Match Controls

One of the most common special match types is the Ladder Match. Made famous first by Shawn Michaels and then taken to new heights by the Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian, WWE now has several major shows per year that revolve around the Ladder Match.

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SEIZE THE MOMENT: Make sure you have plenty of time to climb

If you want to win the Money In The Bank briefcase, advance
your MyCareer story, or win a monstrous TLC match you’ll need these controls.

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
Pick up ladderLBL1
Grab ladder from under ringHold LBHold L1
Set up ladderAX
Use ladder as weaponX/Hold X■/Hold ■
Lean ladder in cornerLS + ALS + X
Throw ladder out of ringLS + BLS + O
Slide ladder into ringLS + LBLS + L1
Carry ladder horizontallyHold RTHold R2
Rotate standing ladderHold LB + RSHold L1 + RS
Set up ladder bridgeHold RT + LBHold R2 + L1
Climb ladderRBR1
Reach for objectLBL1
Diving attack from ladderClimb to top + XClimb to top + ■

Climbing the ladder (RB/R1) is the most crucial of all these commands, but things like leaning the ladder (LS + A/LS + X) and setting up a ladder bridge (Hold RT + LB/Hold R2 + L1) will help make the match more spectacular.

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Cage Match Controls

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THE BITTER END: Cage matches are used to finish things once and for all

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
Climb the cage/keep climbingRB/RB againR1/R1 again
Call for the cell doorWalk to bottom left of ring then LBWalk to bottom left of ring then L1
Diving attack from topX

The usual grudge match in WWE is pretty simple when it comes
to controls, and you don’t need to go too far from your usual match strategy to

Remember to seriously damage your opponent before trying to
scale the cage, and that while the cage door sounds like a quick route out the
referee will always fumble with the lock and stall as your opponent recovers.


Royal Rumble Controls

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MAIN EVENT: Win the Rumble and head to WrestleMania

Command Xbox Control PS4 Control
Elimination attemptB + LS into ropes, then XO + LS into ropes, then ■
Elimination attemptB + LS into corner, then AO + LS into corner, then X
Guaranteed eliminationB + LS into corner, then X + A if finisher availableO + LS into corner, then ■ + X if finisher available

Everyone’s favorite show of the year, the Royal Rumble match
itself provides the winner with a title shot at WrestleMania, making it crucial
to know your way around how to eliminate people. Survival is no guarantee, but
if you can master the elimination then you stand the best chance of winning.